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Top 10 Chill English Songs on Tik Tok

UK music always has great songs. Especially on the tik tok platform, there are many good songs that, thanks to this application, you will learn and know many new songs extremely chill. The melody is addictive, gentle but easy to remember. These extreme songs bring a sense of relaxation when listening. First, let's discover the top 10 extremely chill English songs on tik tok to see how many songs you have heard and know. Then, let's include the music list of this chill English song!!!

Play date

Top 10 Chill English Songs on Tik Tok

A hot song on tik tok you can not miss (photo source: twitter.com)

Play Date - Melanie Martinez

I trust everyone will be addicted to this song when they first hear it. Because of the chill music, it sounds soaring but gently inscribable. Play date means a date or meeting between two young people but usually means more sex than serious love.

At My Worst

The song feels extremely chilly and every morning (photo youtube.com)

[Vietsub/Lyrics] At My Worst - Pink Sweat$

A song I think is really well known is based on the tik tok platform. Many of you regret that why I didn't know the song sooner. The music is extremely addictive when used a lot on tik tok. The song gently sounds extremely relaxing...

Death bed

The song is a lovely melody, but the lyrics are somber (photo youtube.com)

[ Lyrics+Vietsub ] Death Bed - Powfu ft. beabadoobee _ Ta Tưa UsUk

Death bed – Powfu ft. Beabadoobee opens extremely chill, gentle and addictive. When you don't know the lyrics, maybe people will think of it as a cute love song. But the lyrics really haunt the listener by the feeling of grief that this song brings. A rap message from the boy for the girl he loves brings a real sense of sadness to their love.

Send my love

The song covered by Adele (source of yotube.com)

Send My Love / Sit Still, Look Pretty

A very gentle song, the girl's messages to her ex. Treat new people better. But I felt the song remind all the girls. Don't make a portable vase; live true to yourself. "This queen doesn't need a king" is a great verse in a song that girls should ponder.

Let me down slowly

Let me down slowly by Alec Benjamin and covered by many friends extreme mood (youtube photo source)

Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin Cover by Kelly

The extremely familiar song is loved and covered by many young people because of the gentle melody but also full of mood. When the chorus vang, perhaps everyone feels a sad feeling. I think you will definitely have an impression of the song more deeply when listening to that piece.

Come Thru

The song feels extremely bright and pleasant, loved on TikTok (the source of lyricsmb.com)

Come Thru - Jeremy Zucker

The easy-to-understand song, gentle tone. Sometimes a simple song is loved because it is easy to touch the listener. The melody of the song has passages that make the listener more playful and love life. Have a cup of coffee in the morning and listen to the song to feel...

Lemon tree

The song is gently remixed extremely chill (image youtube.com)

Gustixa - lemon tree

A song that's been around for a long time but covered by many singers and young people. Some covers bring an extraordinary feeling to the listener. Fashion may be outdated, but not for this song. This is also a song that many of you use for the video on the platform TikTok...


The song has an extremely catchy melody used in the video by tik tok (source youtube.com)

Outside - Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding

The song features Ellie Goulding, a voice she loves. Because she's just heard her voice. The song does not have a gentle melody, but the melodies are pounding. Unfortunately, the extremely catchy melody combined with singer Ellie Goulding does not discuss the goodness of this song anymore.

I love you 3000

The music list must immediately ad this chill song (source youtube.com)

Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetry

The first time I heard the song, I was addicted. But, I believe once you hear the song, you will be the same. Great melody, Stephanie Poetri's voice will make you fascinated. Do you have this song on your music list? Don't be afraid to put her on a music list to relax every day!!!


The melody of the song is great for making dance videos in the background of TikTok (youtube photo source)

Vietsub+Lyrics Oops - Little Mix

The ad really likes songs that sound like someone whistling. It sounds both intimate and bright. I've heard the love song of my life. The lyrics are pretty salty. But, you're old enough to hear... This song is used by many of you to double dance because of the great melody. Listen and enjoy.

I just sent you the top 10 extremely chill English songs on tik tok. There are many more good songs according to the individual's feelings. The top is not arranged in order; I remember which song to write. Music always brings great emotions and after after after after even to life. Chill songs with good melodies will help you love life and create a great catalyst for emotions. Some songs are not well known to you; some covers have been going on for a long time but with the development of many platforms. Especially now that the TikTok app has helped us all know and listen again to the seemingly forgotten melodies. Thank you for watching the article. Hopefully, the top 10 chill English songs on tik tok will be on your music list...