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Top 10 best foods for people with anemia

Anemia is a very dangerous disease that recently many Vietnamese people have, People with this condition will suffer from a condition that reduces the oxygen capacity of red blood cells, causing the heart and muscles tired body and heart beat faster, stronger than usual, making the body always in a state of fatigue, discomfort. There are many ways and medicines that can cure this disease, but you should add natural foods that can be added to the daily diet menu, which is good for the disease. To best support, treat and prevent this dangerous disease, please see the article Top 10 best foods for people with anemia below to be able to avoid this disease best.


Top 10 best foods for people with anemia

The red colored animal meat group is the richest source of natural iron. In particular, beef is an extremely rich source of iron, helping to improve the amount of Hemoglobin for the body. Lean meats of beef are more iron-rich than ribbed or fat. 100 grams of lean beef can provide 3.1 mg of iron, or 21% of the iron needed. This is truly golden food for anemic people. However, do not overdo it by eating too much meat at a time to avoid increasing cholesterol.


Cane contains trace elements necessary for the body such as iron, calcium, zinc ... in which the highest iron content. Sugarcane also contains many vitamins, proteins, organic acids ... substances that are beneficial for metabolism in the body. Therefore, sugarcane is not only good for blood but also stimulates appetite, provides the body with nutrition and necessary heat.


Eggs have all the nutrients the body needs such as iron, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, eggs are a food that helps limit the risk of malnutrition, iron supplements, increase blood flow to feed the body. One egg yolk provides 0.4mg of iron. So this is the No. 1 food for people with anemia.


Spinach is a very common leafy green vegetable that helps prevent anemia. Spinach is rich in calcium, vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, beta carotene and fiber Research shows that half a cup of boiled spinach contains 3.2 mg of iron and accounts for about 20% of the iron requirement for muscle body of woman. Therefore, spinach should be supplemented in the daily diet.

Animal liver

The liver of animals such as chickens, pigs and cows all contain high iron content. In 100g pig liver provides 12mg of iron, 100g of beef liver provides 6.5mg of iron and 100g of chicken liver provides 10mg of iron. However, in order to remove any toxins that may exist in the liver, it is necessary to wash thoroughly, squeeze the blood and cook thoroughly before eating. Liver is an important food for people with anemia.


Broccoli besides adding fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C also contains a lot of iron, helping to improve the quality of blood in the body. As we all know, 100g of broccoli contains 2.7mg of iron. In addition to broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables such as celery, vegetables, squash, mustard greens, watercress, etc. are all iron-rich foods as well as vitamins necessary for iron absorption.


Honey is very good for your body and also rich in iron. Your body will tolerate about 0.42 mg of iron in 100 grams of honey. Moreover, honey also contains copper and magnesium, helping to increase the concentration of hemoglobin in your body.


Crabs, shrimps, clams, oysters, shellfish, clams, mackerel, salmon ... are listed as foods that are useful in treating anemia because they contain quite a lot of iron. In 100g of crab with up to 4.7mg iron; 100g crab has up to 3.8mg iron; 100g of dried shrimp has up to 4.6mg of iron ... In addition, seafood contains a lot of vitamin B12, deficiency of this vitamin also causes the body to suffer from anemia.


Grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and amino acids. In particular, grapes also work to eliminate toxins in the body. Grapes help the liver filter out harmful toxins in the body, and is also helpful for blood regeneration.

Kinds of bean

Legumes such as soybeans, black beans, red beans, and green beans contain a lot of iron. Beans are also rich in molybdenum - a mineral necessary for iron absorption and promoting enzyme function. However, they also contain phytic acid, which can reduce iron absorption. To reduce the proportion of phytic acid, soak the beans in warm water overnight before processing.

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