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Top 10 suspenseful and dramatic movies you should not ignore

It is not only the vast contexts that create compelling, dramatic stories. With the tight space, the filmmakers also surprised the audience with the top 10 suspenseful and dramatic films below. Thereby helping you get more interesting experiences with this life.

Room (2015)

At the top of the list of the top 10 thrill movies you should watch is Room. This is a film about the lives of two children named Jack and Ma. They were imprisoned in a room by a psychopath. To protect his son, Jack told his son that the room is the world and the outside will be the vast universe.
However, by the time Ma was 5 years old, her son began to feel curious about life outside. At this moment, Jack realized she could not deceive her son anymore. This film conquers the audience because the storyline attracts and brings different levels of emotions.

Don’t Breathe (2016)

Top 10 suspenseful and dramatic movies you should not ignore

Don’t Breathe is one of the top 10 suspenseful and dramatic films

This is the movie that impresses the audience by the thrilling footage. The film is about a group of friends who have planned to break into the house of a blind old man who won a jackpot. The film takes full advantage of the common elements of horror movies so it makes the audience nervous and more nervous.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

This is a movie about Michelle - who always shuns all fear. One day, she suddenly had an accident and woke up in a bunker. In front of her eyes were two mysterious characters named Howard and Emmett. At this moment, they told her the world had been changed and the only hiding place was this dungeon.

Before I go to sleep

This is a film about the main character Christine - a girl suffering from periodic dementia. When she woke up in the morning, she didn't remember anything. Every day she tries to remember the events and fortunately she has a good husband.
Following the doctor's advice, she started making diary videos. Thanks to this has helped her recall many past events. That made her more afraid when the nature of the people next to her gradually revealed.

The Silence of The Lamb

The Silence of the Lamb is a film about the female FBI agent

Referring to the top 10 suspenseful and dramatic films you should not miss The Silence of The Lamb. This is a film about an FBI agent named Clarice who accepted the advice of a doctor by eating Hannibai for the purpose of arresting a serial killer. The film conquers viewers by the actor's talented acting and engaging storyline.

North By Northwest

This is a movie about a guy who works as an advertising mistakenly misunderstood as a secret agent. Therefore, he had to flee violently before the chase of other spies. The film received much praise from critics for its good character building.

The Exorcist

This is a movie with a terrible effect in the 70s. The film tells about the exorcism ceremony for a child who was possessed by demons. The Exorcist was rated as the most thrilling and scary movie of all time. With bloody episodes, the obscene language of the devil has led a series of people to the church to pray after watching this movie.


Movie 10x10 is a thrilling movie you should watch

This is a thrilling movie set in a very minimalist space, less than 10m2. The film is about a husband who lost his wife but doesn't know what the reason is. In fact, his wife has her own secrets and the nurse often goes to practice yoga not as docile as people think. The film has successfully shown the smart fight between him and the nurse through impressive scenes.


This is a film about a young girl on the road to escape theft of the company who stopped at a motel. Here she did not expect to be captured by the police is softer than what happened in the motel.


This is a film about the character Kyle lost her daughter on the plane. But aviation data does not have a record of her existence. Will she really be on this plane? Spend some time watching this great movie!

Above have shared the top 10 suspenseful and dramatic movies you should not miss. Thereby, you spend time with friends watching one of the movies above to get a great experience!
  • The most dramatic film
  • Room (2015)
  • Cloverfield Lane (2016)
  • Don’t Breathe (2016)