18.02.2023, 15:07

578: Magnum – Vietnam’s first action movie released in Europe

578: Magnum – Vietnam’s first action movie released in Europe

The producer of “578: Magnum” obtained a contract to release the film in the worldwide market in the early months of 2023.

The film will be released in 42 countries and approximately ten territories by June 30, 2023, as scheduled. This is not only excellent news for the “578” film crew, but it is also a hopeful start for Vietnamese cinema in its journey to this market.

According to the producer of “578”, the film is being distributed in the UK and Germany. The target for 2023 is to be offered in 62 countries and make $ 2.63 million.

“578: Magnum” was also exhibited to film distributors from all around the world on February 16 at the Berlin Film Fair, which is part of the famous Berlin Film Festival.

Movie “578: Magnum” screened at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Earlier, in November 2022, the film 578 had its worldwide debut at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia), one of the top 14 global A-class film festivals. The film has since gone on to participate in film festivals in the United States, Canada, and Greece.

The plot of “578: Magnum” revolves around a man named Hung and his little daughter An. When the father realizes that his little daughter has been harmed, he is devastated. He utilized all of his abilities to find the perpetrator of the crime. Miss H’Hen Nie, Hoang Phuc, Truong Ngoc Tinh, and Alexandre Nguyen all appear in this movie as actors.

“578” is filmmaker Luong Dinh Dung’s second film, following “Father and Son.” In 2023, he will begin filming “The Torture Hill,” a horror production inspired by scary stories with a strong Asian flavor, with the intention of releasing it in 72 countries and territories.