14.02.2023, 17:17

The United Nations has released a documentary about Vietnam

The United Nations has released a documentary about Vietnam

The premiere commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Paris Agreement and recognized Ms. Cora Weiss, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of DCTV, a longstanding friend of Vietnam, and a well-known peace campaigner. Since the 1960s, she has been involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the United Nations, as well as many other Ambassadors, Heads of Delegations, the United Nations Secretariat, and many American friends, attended the premiere.

The film provides a relatively objective, honest perspective of American filmmakers that has helped the American public and international friends better grasp the tragic results of the Vietnam War. With love, mutual care, solidarity, hope, and trust, the greatness of the State and our people have overcome numerous challenges and deprivations to restore the nation and construct a new future.

The documentary about Vietnam: “Vietnam: Picking up the Pieces” in Vietnam in 1978

The Ambassador, Head of Delegations to the United Nations, praised the film’s message as still relevant in today’s context. He stated that it is a useful document that can help the international community better understand the consequences of wars and conflicts, thereby spreading the message calling for an end to war and the pursuit of peace and development.

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang praised the film team, Ms. Cora Weiss, and several visitors and American friends on the sidelines of the film screening. The Ambassador praised American friends for many practical and effective measures in the past in rallying American public opinion against the US war in Vietnam, as well as improving understanding and friendship between peoples of the two nations for the sake of peace and prosperity.

Cora Weiss is a long-time and close friend of Vietnam, as well as one of the most renowned anti-war campaigners in the United States. She co-founded and coordinated the non-governmental organization “Committee of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam” (COLIAFAM), which operated from 1969 to 1973. She visited Vietnam several times to support the exchange of information between American POWs and their families, as well as to receive some freed prisoners. Ms. Cora Weiss continued to carry out a number of humanitarian efforts to aid Vietnam after 1975, as well as organize and support the Vietnamese Delegation to the United Nations in a variety of ways.