08.02.2023, 17:18

Popularity Rating of Live Games in the Global Gambling Market


What is the secret of the live casino’s popularity around the world? Games with real croupiers open up a huge range of opportunities and are interesting for users of different age categories. It is also worth noting the profitability of such games. That is why today online casino operators focus on this game format. Players in different countries continue to prefer live games, both classic casino games and innovative new products, including live show games. As always, roulette and blackjack are at the top of the live game’s rankings. But each country has its own gaming nuances and preferences among users. What games are most in demand today in different parts of the world? Are virtual online casinos allowed everywhere? Let’s figure it out together.

Live games in India and Africa

In India, not all states allow virtual casinos. Online casinos are regulated by both federal and state laws. Most users today play where such a legislative opportunity exists. India is a rapidly developing country and live games have good prospects here to continue growing in popularity. In Africa, the rise in popularity of live games has just begun due to the fact that many African countries still have a ban on virtual gambling. Local players hope for the soonest legalization of virtual casinos.

Games with real croupiers in Asia

The Asian gambling market is now at the peak of its popularity. Almost all games with real croupiers are in demand here. These games offer transparent gameplay so players don’t have to question the fairness of the results. Today, players are 100 percent sure of the honesty of the casino in which they play. And this is thanks to games with real dealers. The tastes of Asian players are varied. However, there are certain preferences. Tables with live Sic Bo, or as it is also called in Asia – Tai Sai or Dai Su, are very popular.

Live games in Western Europe

The popularity of live games in Western Europe is also very high. Among the leaders of the gambling market are Germany, France, Great Britain, and Scandinavian countries. There are no definite leaders among live games. Players in Western Europe play all known types of live games because the selection is really great here.

Live games in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, online casino users also enjoy playing games with real croupiers. Caribbean Stud Poker, European Roulette, Classic Blackjack, and many more games. Among the leaders of Eastern Europe are Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Here, in addition to traditional games with real croupiers, the popularity of live show games such as Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, Football Studio, City Bet, and other games is constantly growing. The well-known company Evolution Gaming has been the leader among operators of such software for several years now. They are constantly working to attract new players and improve the game catalog.

Live games in the USA

Despite the growing popularity of live games in the US, not all players have the opportunity to play freely. In many states, this is not possible due to legislative prohibitions on the gambling market. Players in the US are finding ways to play in different states where it’s legal. This allows them to enjoy their favorite live casino games no matter what. Today, the situation is more rosy for users in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey, West Virginia and Delaware. The issues of regulating the gambling market in other states also continue to be resolved. It is hoped that the number of states where live games will be available will only increase. The American market is undoubtedly very promising. In terms of games, the most popular live dealer game in the US gambling market is poker. This is a game that has always been in demand in the US and that popularity has only grown with the advent of live casinos.