23.09.2022, 16:00

Top 5 Dating Apps In Vietnam In 2022

Out of millions of people out there, how do we find “the one?” With the emergence of dating apps, finding a partner has become much more convenient because you can meet, talk and get to know different people with a single tap on your phone screen. While many think it’s unconventional and somehow risky, trying out dating apps can sometimes lead to a happy ever after.

In 2019, we listed the top 5 dating apps in Vietnam. Due to the pandemic, dating patterns and the dating scene have changed. Here’s an updated list with new information and some upcoming favorite apps among Vietnamese.


It is undeniable that Tinder is still on top. According to Decision Lab's survey this year, 21% of respondents used Tinder. With over 75 million users worldwide, Tinder is the world’s most used dating app. The simple swiping left and right turn the search for love into an online video game, making users unable to stop.

Tinder attracts many users thanks to its user-friendly interface. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up. Afterward, you can begin “swiping” and connecting with others. But this also has a downside: user information on Tinder is not always reliable. A “match” does not always mean that you and another user are precisely compatible.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating was added in Vietnam in May 2019 and quickly gained traction from the public. As of April 2021, Vietnam is in 7th place with 70 million Facebook users, which is roughly 72% of the country’s population. It’s no surprise that people are hooked on this new feature to make friends and find love.

You can activate the feature by choosing the “Dating” option on Facebook, then edit your personal details, which have been automatically filled in based on your Facebook profile. Don’t forget to answer some questions so people can know more about you. Facebook Dating allows you to limit your selection by distance, age, height, language, education, and religion.


Modern-age Cupid takes the form of OkCupid — a US-based dating app. For users looking for long-term relationships, this is the app you should go for. OkCupid recommends users based on a questionnaire you filled out when registering. They are in-depth questions that can better help the app connect you to the right one.

While OkCupid is more comprehensive, investing effort and time into a profile is often a significant deterrent for new users. Users must answer as many questions as possible to maximize the potential of this dating platform. Like Tinder, OkCupid uses location-based suggestions. If you live in an area with fewer OkCupid users, the chances of meeting someone right for you are significantly reduced.


Match.com was originally a dating website but now has its app on mobile phones. Like any dating site, it only takes a few minutes to build your Match profile. You can find dates, send likes, and chat on the website. However, the chat function is somewhat limited. Free members can only read and respond to some messages from their mutual matches, and they can send messages to single people ranked in their Top Picks list.

Matches on Match.com can be formed manually or automatically. You will get “Daily Matches" generated by the website. Your job is to rate them by clicking left or right. Otherwise, you can go to Search and look at the potential matches yourself.


Founded by former Tinder employee Whitney Wolfie Herd, Bumble is now the second-most popular dating app in the US after Tinder.

Bumble is increasingly becoming the go-to dating app for many Vietnamese, especially with many feminist features. One is that only women are allowed to text first in heterosexual relationships. Matches also automatically disappear if not replied to within 24 hours.

Compared to Tinder, Bumble places its focus on more serious relationships. Besides, you can also find and add friends on Bumble, not just partners.