07.05.2022, 12:47

Language AI App To ‘Empower The Workforce Of Tomorrow’ With VND15 Billion Worth Of English Training Program

Vietnam’s pioneer in the business of language learning through AI tech ELSA recently launched “Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow,” a 15-billion-VND program that’s meant to provide support for companies in the country to upskill their workforce effectively. The goal is to contribute to Vietnam’s economic recovery and help businesses get back to normal after facing the impact of the global pandemic.

Almost nine in ten executives and managers believe their organizations are either already struggling with skill gaps or expecting them within the next five years, according to Udemy’s 2022 Workplace Learning Trends report. Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms.

Because of this, they are providing upskilling programs for employees has become a priority for most companies. Per the same report, workers want to learn more about the skills related to leadership and communication, the most effective way to use the English language, and business intelligence and finance skills.

The English part is particularly true in Vietnam. The country’s recent full border reopening has opened to both international travelers and new business opportunities. An excellent command of the English language is of utmost importance and a major plus to potential employers.

However, according to Education First, Vietnam’s English Proficiency Index (EPI) has fallen in recent years. The 2020 ranking placed Vietnam in the 65th spot or the “low proficiency” category.

Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow | Source: ELSA

That’s where ELSA comes in — they are on a mission to enable 1.5 billion global English learners to increase language fluency without breaking the bank. With their “Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow” program, over 200 topics, 5,000 lessons, and 26,000 exercises ranging from Business English to casual conversations can be accessed free of charge. In addition, solutions for enterprises through modules and classes are tailored to the needs and demands unique to the industry and its business units through ELSA For Business.

It means ELSA’s program can be customized according to industries: Hospitality, Banking and Finance, IT and Consulting, Services, and Education, among others. There will also be bespoke learning paths for different business units to ensure they get the professional training that’s right for them as they move towards a more proactive role in the workplace and Vietnam’s growing business landscape.

Michael Ngo, the Country Director of ELSA Vietnam, said the country is in a great position to become a significant regional player and take its rightful place on the global stage. Michael is convinced English proficiency will definitely play a key role in achieving this.

“ELSA is built for that mission,” he said. “We are not in the business of learning English but of changing lives, one learner at a time. Now that we’ve expanded our program to businesses, it’s our goal to empower the new generation of workforce in Vietnam so they can engage more effectively.”

To Michael, by empowering the workforce today, we will ensure a better Vietnam tomorrow.

For each business organization registered for the “Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow” program, up to 100 employees will undergo ELSA’s English training completely for free. It includes access to training progress and tracking test results with real-time analytics on the ELSA dashboard.

Derek Grundy, Vice President of HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division, shared the partnership with ELSA is a strategic step for them. “We realize that ELSA has a great technology solution,” Derek said. “They have worked with many leading enterprises in various fields.”

Like most global companies, Derek intends to continue putting great effort and investment in the “most critical business element, the human factor.”

To register for ELSA’s Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow, you can learn more about it here.