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Vietnamese place Leonardo DiCaprio called “paradise”, right in Hai Phong that many people do not know

Do you know a place in Hai Phong associated with the name “forgotten paradise”?

In May 2020, actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram account posted a video about a Vietnamese fishing village that he likened to “paradise” and called on everyone to join hands to preserve the environment here. The beautiful place that the actor Titanic mentioned is Lan Ha Bay, the “forgotten paradise” in Hai Phong city.

The name “Lan Ha” means that the orchid was brought down to earth to beautify life. The bay is 30km from the city center, surrounded by more than 400 large and small islands with many pristine beaches. The ideal time to travel to Lan Ha Bay is from April to June, the sea is calm, and the sky is clear, avoid going from August to December because this time there are storms and big waves.

There are 3 popular options when visiting Lan Ha Bay: Tourists can combine Cat Ba tourism; Take an overnight cruise or more unique, rent a floating homestay right on the bay.

1. Half day tour

Lan Ha is located right next to Cat Ba Island, so tourists often combine Cat Ba tourism with visiting the bay. Refer to social networks, there are many half-day tours to Lan Ha Bay with prices from 350,000 – 850.00 VND depending on the type of boat and schedule.

Visitors will have a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay on board, passing Cai Beo fishing village – a 7000-year-old fishing village, which is known as “the cradle of Vietnam’s sea and island culture”. The people of Cai Beo village have a fish cage farming profession with the main specialties being sardines, snapper, grouper, grouper and cobia. Tourists coming here will visit fish cages and enjoy seafood on floating restaurants.

Vietnamese place Leonardo DiCaprio called “paradise”, right in Hai Phong that many people do not know

Cai Beo fishing village is where archaeologists found many important artifacts. Photo: Instagram/@quytran83bn

Another more pristine fishing village that can be included in the tour schedule is Viet Hai fishing village. The old village currently has only 100 households living. There are cycling services in the middle of peaceful nature, fish massage in the community homestay.

Tours to Lan Ha Bay often include kayaking tickets. This is the moment when visitors find themselves extremely small in front of the majestic nature.

On Lan Ha Bay, there are also many pristine beaches that not many people know about. Hon Ba Trai Dao or Tu Do island with 2 sea sides have gentle white sand beaches, blue water rare in the beaches in the North of our country.

Bai Lut at Ba Trai Dao island is a beautiful beach exposed before high tide. Photo: Instagram/@nguyenminhthang1712

Freedom – the location of a unique beach with 2 sides of the sea. Photo: Instagram/@sheneller

2. Overnight Cruise

If you are afraid of motion sickness and want to spend the night on Lan Ha Bay, you can choose to go on a cruise. The form of yacht experience is currently very developed in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Visitors often spend 2 days and 1 night on a cruise, passing through the beautiful scenery in the bay and participating in kayaking and swimming activities.

The 5-star yachts are priced from 4 million VND/room/night. The yacht has a swimming pool overlooking the bay, serves meals and many activities such as cooking lessons, yoga, sauna spa. The 6-star Elite of the Seas also offers services as an on-water resort with an infinity pool, a wine cellar and a mini golf course on the deck.

Cruises on Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long Bay cost from a few million to several tens of millions of dong a night. Photo: Elite of the Seas yacht

3. Floating homestay

In addition to cruises and tours, another unique experience that has just appeared in Lan Ha Bay is floating homestays on the bay. Lan Ha Floating Homestay is a prominent name with 9.8 rating points on Room rates range from 1.8 million VND/night. The facilities in these homestays are not too outstanding, but some rooms have glass floors overlooking the sea which is very interesting.

In the cozy space of the homestay, guests will be able to cook by themselves, listen to live music with a view of the vast bay. This experience is very suitable for travelers looking for peace or groups of young people who love to explore new things.

Many young people relax at a floating homestay in Lan Ha Bay. Video: TikTok/16 – Travel

A floating homestay on Lan Ha Bay. Photo: Lan Ha Floating Homestay

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