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Let’s go camping in the middle of a blooming plum garden in Moc Chau

Moc Chau this season is beautiful and dreamy with the color of peach blossoms, and plum flowers blooming in the white forest, making everyone eager to visit, organize camping, and enjoy themselves in a natural setting that is far from the urban bustle.

Moc Chau Plateau (Son La) is a never-boring destination for young people who love to travel. Not only owns a fresh and cool climate, but this place also has the poetic beauty of the flower seasons that make many people flutter. Every early spring, not only the faded pink color of the cherry apricot petals, but the pristine and pure beauty of Moc Chau plum blossom has ever become a rendezvous for many tourists every season when plum blossoms bloom. .

Let’s go camping in the middle of a blooming plum garden in Moc Chau

Photo: @Wild Horse, @Quang Kien, @Thuy Van

Only about 200km from Hanoi, it takes 4 hours to get there. Recently, many young people are interested in the experience of camping in the plum blossom forest. At this time, coming to Moc Chau, visitors will probably feel that this place is a paradise in the middle of the clouds because thousands of pure white plum blossoms are racing to bloom all over the valleys, but the most prominent one must be mentioned. to the Na Ka valley.

Although Moc Chau has many places full of plum blossoms that you can stop anywhere, there are beautiful flowers and beautiful scenery to admire, but the most popular place is Na Ka plum valley, about 20 miles from the center. kilometer. With a wild and poetic beauty, this place not only attracts “virtual living” enthusiasts to check in but also a place to stop for camping enthusiasts.

Photo: @Ha Phuong Lan, @Hong Anh, @Luong Vien Dong

Na Ka plum valley is most beautiful around January and February when the whole sky is covered with beautiful white flowers. Along the way from Mai Chau to Moc Chau, visitors can see the flowers, the villages are jubilantly blooming. In the midst of the poetic scenery of this place, it is too easy to take beautiful pictures as a souvenir.

Photo: @Hien Phuong, @Ha Phuong Lan, @Hung Minh Pham

In the chilly atmosphere typical of the Northwest mountains, while looking at the natural scenery, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the stars at night in the mountain town, together organize barbecue meals. Drinking a cup of hot tea is a very enjoyable experience. Therefore, many people invite each other to Moc Chau in the spring to enjoy the quintessential beauty of heaven and earth here.

Photo: @Hong Anh, @Luong Vien Dong, @Anh Tuan, @Hieu Hoang

In the journey to discover the pristine beauty of the Northwest plum garden, you should prepare camping equipment such as tents, stoves, sleeping bags, etc. Many services prepare visitors almost all the necessary items to participate in the camping experience. Especially if you do not have much experience in overnight camping, there will be a guide to guide and assist visitors with sanitation, electricity and water.

Besides setting up tents and camping, organizing picnics is also an indispensable activity. Most people will bring some cooking tools and make some dishes suitable for this cold Northwest weather such as BBQ, shrimp noodles. In addition, you can prepare more fruits, snacks and do not forget a few drinks to warm the body such as tea, coffee, cocoa, ..

Photo: @Hung Minh Pham, @Nguyen Dung, @Hieu Hoang

This season, plum blossoms are gradually blooming white across the valley, scattered plums on the branches, although not yet ripe, but if you want, you can taste the early plums with a mild sour flavor.

Indeed, contemplating a Moc Chau in this position is completely different. Not only can you fully enjoy the majestic scenery, but also be immersed in the beauty of the vast grasslands, tea hills, and corn fields. Enjoy the full flavor of nature in the vast and vast landscape of the Northwest in the most idyllic way.

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