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Christmas atmosphere in Saigon parishes

For nearly a month now, many alleys in Go Vap districts, Thu Duc city have been decorated with colored lights, caves, and pine trees to prepare for Christmas.

People take pictures and visit Christmas miniatures at alley 736 Le Duc Tho, ward 16 (Go Vap district) on the evening of December 12. This is one of the hundreds of alleys in religious hamlets in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Nha, 55 years old, from John diocese, said that the decoration work on alley 736 Le Duc Tho was done by 15 people in 20 days. “With the contribution of all people, the diocese has mobilized 50 million VND to build caves, and miniatures and hang nearly 3,000 lights, 8 meters each, along 700 meters of road,” said Mr. Nha. .

Ms. Tran Huynh Linh Chi (blue shirt), 26 years old, living in the Go Vap district, said that this is the first time she took her daughter Tran Thu Ky (2 years old) to see Christmas decorations in the alley, to learn more words and skills. more daring.

A child takes a photo next to a statue of Santa Claus moving in the music.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoc, 61, parishioner John is adjusting the position of saints in the cave.

According to the Bible, the baby Jesus was born lying in a manger in Bethlehem in Judea (Jewish, now Palestine). Mary and St. Joseph (adopted father) were standing by to take care of them. The angels announced that the baby would be the Messiah. Jesus came to earth to start a new history for all mankind, teaching people to love one another.

An alley on Le Duc Tho street is decorated with rock caves with miniatures, surrounded by colorful stars.

In another alley on Le Duc Tho Street, Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhat (56 years old) is rushing to decorate the cave in his yard to welcome Christmas, inviting children and neighbors to have fun.

Mr. Nhat said he has maintained this decoration for more than ten years, with a different style each year.

Two children playing in Mr. Nhat’s yard.

This year, Mr. Nhat spent a week making a model of the cave, in addition, he also installed a snow blower to please the children in the neighborhood.

Along the 4th street, Tu Duc village, Thu Duc city, about 150m chandeliers, two brightly decorated stone caves. This is the first time this diocese has decorated Christmas after two years of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The people of Tu Duc religious village made a small scene of a rock cave on the evening of December 14.

“It’s so much fun! People always bring out everything they have to give their best support, from water, from cakes, even music, everything is brought out,” said Mrs. Pham Thi Tho (60 years old) in the 2nd classroom, religious hamlet. From Germany said.

Road No. 2, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc City is also colorful with colored lights inspired by the starry sky. According to parishioners, each parish will choose a different decoration style to create a unique color for Christmas.

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