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Sheraton Saigon debuts Instagrammable Spot

HCMC – Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers debuts its interactive Instagrammable Spot with integrated Augmented Reality at Saigon Cafe restaurant.

Dining at Saigon Cafe goes beyond the seafood buffet as guests will experience an interactive entertainment integrated virtual reality media experience.

Augmented reality technology breaks the borders between the real world and the virtual environment, where the physical space is enhanced by virtual reality.

At Saigon Cafe, guests can access AR technology by using their smartphones, an overlaying visual with animation appears on the screen when guests stand in front of the 3D backdrop and scan the QR code. Guests can touch, take, carry or dance to create the movements for their own stories and share the animated video across social media platforms.

In collaboration with this project, Sheraton Saigon has worked with SoWat Station – an art hub of young and creative artists who pioneer in technology applications for digital art.

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