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The scenery of Moc Chau in the early winter days makes the virtual life enthusiasts unable to miss

Moc Chau Plateau is entering wonderful days with fragrant flowers, blooming sweet fruits, and magical natural scenery.

Moc Chau is a tourist destination that is not too new for travel enthusiasts, it is gradually becoming a leading destination in the Northwest. This land really has a strange charm, though simple but not ordinary.

Visiting Moc Chau in the last months of the year, visitors will be more and more captivated by the natural scenery of the highlands of Vietnam. In addition to the world-class landscapes and works, in Moc Chau, there are countless check-in places that are loved by many tourists, the attractiveness can be briefly described as coming here to take beautiful photos “no dead corner”.

Check-in the road SHOULD

Moc Chau S-shaped road has become so familiar to travel enthusiasts. This coordination is always an indispensable check-in point in the journey to discover Moc Chau of many young people, especially the “experts”.

The scenery of Moc Chau in the early winter days makes the virtual life enthusiasts unable to miss

Photo:, @vietnambikers

To reach Moc Chau, we must go through this road, the S-shaped road in the territory of Long Luong commune, Van Ho district (Son La). Although the terrain looks quite zigzag, this road is relatively flat so it is not difficult to pass.

Photo: @Khanh Huyen, @Reviewmocchau

In the very poetic scenery of that highland, the road is like a soft silk winding between the hills. This is also the highlight that makes anyone passing by have to stop the car to create “lifetime” photos.

Discover Pa Phach

Pa Phach village – a small village, located in the middle of the Moc Chau plateau, seems to be separate from the outside world because the wild features are kept intact. The village is located in Dong Sang commune, on National Highway 6, about 5km from the junction of Moc Chau town.

Photo: @Bui Ngoc Cong

This village is divided into two zones: Upper Pa Phach and Lower Pa Phach. This place is not a tourist destination, so the road to the village is not easy.

Photo: @Bui Ngoc Cong, @Ly Nguyen

Simple as that, but Pa Phach village has never been less attractive, this place can be considered as a village that is very attentive to changing new colors. Because, every season of wild sunflowers, white canola flowers bloom on the village, interspersed with beautiful idyllic moments of the people here, Pa Phach makes many tourists so fluttered that “doesn’t want to return”.

Photo: @dimotngaydang

Rose garden experience

Moc Chau is not only famous for its immense green tea hills, but it is also known as the land of four fruit seasons. In the early winter, the whole high vows throbbed into the ripe persimmon season, the rose gardens laden with fruit and orange-yellow colors throughout the hills and mountains become a virtual living place that is sought after by many tourists.

Photo: @Quang Kien

Especially at this time, persimmons have started to lose all their leaves, revealing bunches of juicy, golden berries, creating a beautiful natural backdrop for enthusiasts of virtual photography. Just walking around the garden can bring back up to 1001 poetic photos in this plateau.

Photo: @Quang Kien, @_im.rot_

Places with beautiful rose gardens in Moc Chau:

– On village area (passing through the heart tea hill about 200m)

– Pa Khen village area (along the way to Na Ka and Tan Lap plum valleys)

– Phieng Khoang plum valley (The lonely persimmon tree is very famous in Moc Chau)

– Area of ​​Hua Tat – Van Ho (villages of the H’Mong)

The price of admission to the garden for photography will range from 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND depending on the garden.

Admire the off-season plum blossoms blooming

Although autumn has just passed, the pure white color of plum blossoms has crept across the gardens. These plum flowers are called out-of-season flowers because they usually bloom between late January and early February. But this year, right from the beginning of November, many plum trees in Moc Chau have gradually disappeared. blossoming, although still shy, not to the extent of covering the whole plateau, but enough to make people flutter.

Photo: @Hai Duong

This is not the first time plum blossoms in Moc Chau bloom out of season. Compared to the main flower season, which creates the scenery of Moc Chau like a white snowy region, the off-season flowers make Moc Chau much warmer and more poetic.

Photo: @Wild Horse, @Jennie Nguyen

The color of flowers mixed with clouds, wind, and dew create a gentle yet fanciful scene that makes everyone fall in love. You can visit the plum garden in Mu Nau valley (sub-zone 12, Moc Chau town) or the plum garden location about 3km from Na Ka valley to get lost in a fairy garden in real life.

Capture all the beautiful moments in the tea hill

Have you ever tried to admire the magical beauty of Moc Chau in the morning sun and sunset? If not, try once to the tea hill to be able to experience firsthand the beautiful moments of the natural scenery here.

The coordinates to be able to capture this wonderful nature footage are probably the water tank area on the top of Moc Chau tea hill. The water tank in Moc Chau farm is only about 5-7m high, it may sound strange like a newly excavated place, but this is a place visited by many young people, also the birthplace of many young people. Super beautiful virtual live photo.

Photo: @Nguyen Quynh Trang

At this place, you can see the whole open sky with a vast green color of the tea hill. The dawn that appears is not so bright as in the bays, but only gently penetrates the clouds to dispel the cold morning mist.

Photo: @Nguyen Quynh Trang

The sunset is also very idyllic, slowly drifting enough for people to admire the beauty without feeling regret. No one can deny the flavor of Moc Chau in these moments. A land worthy to explore, enjoy and refresh every soul.

Photo: @Thuy Tien, @HanBui official

If you love nature, like to go, try once to discover Moc Chau. Breathe in the fresh air, check-in, experience the new land with your own eyes, you will see things even more beautiful than in pictures.

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