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Kenh Ga Floating Village – a picture of a beautiful and peaceful river that few people know in Ninh Binh

A picture of Ninh Binh river village appears under the beautiful scenery in Kenh Ga floating village.

Kenh Ga floating village is a small riverside fishing village in Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh. Surrounded by majestic limestone mountains with a vast river at the foot, the idyllic and wild scenery of Kenh Ga floating village is not known to many people, but once you visit, it is definitely difficult to forget.

Kenh Ga Floating Village – a picture of a beautiful and peaceful river that few people know in Ninh Binh

Kenh Ga floating village is located in the limestone area of ​​the Gia Vien lowland, Ninh Binh.(Photo: mathieu_arnaudet)

To experience all the beauty of Kenh Ga floating village, the most ideal means is to sit on a boat along the Hoang Long river, weave into the village, explore the simple life of local people, as well as breathe in the wind. The sky is full of rustic rice aroma, the cool smell of the river is wafting around the skin and hair.

The village is surrounded by the Hoang Long river system.(Photo:

On simple wooden boats, gliding with oars, an idyllic Ninh Binh river appears with fishing villages, boats, looming from afar and near.

A peaceful corner in Kenh Ga.(Photo:

The fresh air without the sound of car horns, smoke and dust, surrounded by only water, clouds, and peaceful houses with gentle people creates an enchanting peace, making visitors just want to stop to enjoy the scenery. Enjoy that relaxing feeling.

The boats are the main means of transportation of the people here in the high water season.(Photo: mrk_bd)

The picture of Kenh Ga floating village becomes even more special on misty days, coming here in the early morning, the scenery around the hot springs flowing from Hang Ca mountain is blurry, making visitors feel like they are lost in a magical place. first.

The scenery of mountains and hills reflected in the water is so beautiful.(Photo:

In particular, if you come to Kenh Ga in the high water season, the whole area emerges as a small island separate from the mainland, floating between four extremely unique rivers.

The beauty of Ninh Binh river village appears under the rustic scenery in Kenh Ga.(Photo: mathieu_arnaudet)

In addition to discovering the rhythm of life in this peaceful village, coming to Kenh Ga, visitors can also admire many nearby scenic spots such as Nham Hao cave, Van Trinh cave, Luon cave, Hang But mountain, and Hang mountain. Toan, Co Ngua mountain, Lac Khoai pagoda… Kenh Ga is also famous for Gia Vien shrimp paste and Hoang Long sweet potato, if you come here, don’t forget to try it!

Kenh Ga floating village seen from above.(Photo: mathieu_arnaudet)

Ninh Binh tourism is beautiful in any season because the weather here is quite pleasant, so visitors can completely visit Kenh Ga floating village at any time of the year. However, to enjoy Kenh Ga hot spring and explore Van Trinh cave, early summer and autumn are probably the most beautiful. This is a time of little rain, and beautiful sunshine, very suitable for soaking in the hot water of the natural spring here.

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