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Train stations in Vietnam are as beautiful as in the movies, some even become famous tourist destinations

When coming to these train stations, not only can you immerse yourself in the flow of people going up and down, but you can still find beautiful corners to take pictures.

Not only modern airports, but beautiful train stations in Vietnam are also attractive “materials” for photographers or young people who are passionate about exploring and taking photos to unleash their creativity. geography is extremely special when the railway network is extremely rich and diverse extending from the north to the south. Therefore, there are many train stations across the country, especially many of them are extremely railway stations. famous for the history of ups and downs as well as the ancient beauty that these train stations carry.

Hue Station

Hue Railway Station is located at 2 Bui Thi Xuan, Hue City, and is a station with a long history, accompanying the events and ups and downs of the nation over the years. After more than a century of existence, Hue station has many times witnessed the heroic resistance wars of the nation. Therefore, this project also had to go through many “makeovers” to become part of the lifeline train station in Vietnam. Today, the station has been remodeled and refurbished to be more modern. However, the ancient imprint is still present, still exuding the beautiful beauty of the ancient Hue citadel.

Photo: @linhlun1295,

The nostalgic beauty of the architecture is reflected in the stylized arched doors typical of train cars. However, Hue station is not only beautiful in architecture but also reflected in the unique “tea ga” culture. Simply because at this train station is the place where people sell tea, a place for distant visitors to sip and wait for the train to run, that simple but still exists over the years.

Train stations in Vietnam are as beautiful as in the movies, some even become famous tourist destinations

Photo: @journeys_in_hue, @hiensann_

Hai Phong Station

The train station in the port city of Hai Phong is also one of the oldest stations works as it has existed for nearly 120 years. Perhaps to the people here, this train station has always been a legacy when looking at the architecture of the station, the scene does not seem to have changed as before. In addition to the main building, which is preserved almost intact, Hai Phong station also retains the iron columns supporting the eaves inside the station and the blue stone foundation dating from the time of construction. Today, when the train is gradually returning to be the means of transport chosen by many people, Hai Phong station is still an attractive destination worth “virtual living” in the city of red phoenix flowers.

Photo: @litivivu, @_.trongsky._

One of the factors that help the number of passengers traveling by train increase significantly is the fact that the food tour map is released by Hai Phong station in conjunction with the Department of Tourism and provides free instructions for passengers to get off the train at the weekend. From the station In Hai Phong, passengers can travel by taxi, bus or rent a motorbike, and even walk to enjoy delicious Hai Phong dishes.

Photo: @thudidau.ig_, @doyenyen1902

Ha Noi station

It is no exaggeration that Hanoi Railway Station is one of the most beautiful train stations in Vietnam that captivates domestic and foreign tourists. This is the busiest and busiest train station from North to South when from here, passengers can buy train tickets to Saigon and all routes in the country. Everyone who comes here brings their story and those feelings are mixed into the bustling atmosphere of the station.

Photo: @17___febalone, @bito_bearlove

After nearly a century of existence, the Hanoi train station has undergone many changes and has been restored and rebuilt to become more spacious and modern. And of course, everyone who comes here must take some beautiful photos to mark the beauty of this ancient form of transportation. As for young people when traveling to Hanoi, this place is not only the destination of the journey but also a way to watch time slowly as if it stopped flowing here. As expected, in the future, Hanoi station will be moved to another location, so many people also take advantage of coming here to record moments at this station.

Photo: @neihtnd_, @gnas.mar

Hai Van Bac Station

The connecting point between Hai Van station and Lang Co station, Hai Van Bac station is one of the points of the North-South railway. Standing from Hai Van Bac station, looking out into the distance, you will see the entire majestic and immense pass. In addition, along the track, there is an image of green nature and Vom Don Ca bridge in the distance, creating a fresh and ancient picture. Following the tracks, you will gradually get lost in the “fairy” world far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Photo: @gogosapu, @hoangminh.dg

As mentioned above, at this famous train station in Vietnam, there is also a Vong Don Ca bridge with an arched footbridge spanning a small stream. This place used to be a famous “virtual living” place for young people because the scene was likened to a beautiful miniature Japan like in a comic book. Standing from below looking up at the stream, the Don Ca arch bridge looks like a towering “gate of heaven”. It is this place that will give birth to movie-like images when a train passes above.

Photo: @mievatho

Dalat Railway Station

There are two interesting things at this second most beautiful train station in Vietnam, the first is that Da Lat station has an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, so this is considered the highest train station in Vietnam. The second thing is that unlike other famous stations, Da Lat station is no longer in commercial operation. This place becomes a destination for tourists to visit and take pictures only. However, it still operates a short distance to Trai Mat. Currently, this station has become a national monument.

Photo: @thaophng. phuong, @christywuwu

Standing from Da Lat station, visitors will have the opportunity to see the whole city from above. The station has a stylized pyramid of Langbiang mountain and a communal house in the Central Highlands. The entire station is painted in yellow, with a little more ancient brown color, exuding a unique and different beauty.

Photo: @_thisishwan, @pk4t.82, @_do_nhi_

Across the country, each train station will have its own beauty, bringing old nostalgia from the atmosphere to the architecture. So, this youth, if you have the opportunity to take the train, take advantage of these beautiful train stations to save valuable memories of your youth!

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