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The barbecue truck in District 1 has been honored by the American magazine, even foreign customers have to wait in line to buy

The bread dish has only grilled meat as the main ingredient, but this popular trolley has always attracted many other customers since its opening.

Around 4:00 p.m., in the alley between the bustling fashion stores, the bread cart began to clear. Located right at the alley at 38 Nguyen Trai in the prosperous district 1. The bread truck has been busy for more than 23 years, still busy preparing meat, grilling meat, and making sauces to welcome customers.

Bread cart is praised by foreign customers

At the time before the epidemic, this bread was so famous that it always attracted hundreds of buyers each afternoon, including many foreign customers. Because since being voted by the American magazine Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 12 best street foods in the world, this bread cart has become more widely known. Culinary bloggers also pay a lot of attention to this simple meatloaf, in vibrant Vietnam and Mark Wiens (a famous travel and food blogger) has also dedicated an article “praise” about this dish. the bread is sprinkled with a special sauce, and meat and vegetables combine to explode with “crazy” deliciousness. In addition, foreigners know about this bread cart a lot because of the information about it on the internet. Not only that, foreign guests are also excited to “check-in” at this bakery when they have the opportunity to come to Vietnam.

The barbecue truck in District 1 has been honored by the American magazine, even foreign customers have to wait in line to buy

Photo: Stephen McFarlan, EdithA, Jeng Haur Choong, Steven D

Now the number of foreign visitors has also decreased, but many people still hear the name of this famous bread cart, so they still come, and Vietnamese customers come regularly to buy, it is normal for people to buy 3-4 loaves for their family. often. A tray of grilled meat is placed on a plate, smoke is on a corner of the street, and there are regular customers waiting to buy bread, even the security guards at the nearby shops also come to buy it regularly, it’s delicious and cheap.

The attraction of the grilled meatloaf is more than 20 years old

This bread cart, it is not as sophisticated as other goods, only grilled burgers, not too many ingredients. Grilled meatballs are made from minced pork, mixed with spices and then marinated with a sauce according to the owner’s own recipe. The fresh meatballs are rounded and then grilled until cooked, hot and then immediately sandwiched into a loaf of bread, drenched in a rich soy sauce, and you have a delicious meal right away.

A loaf of bread here will be sandwiched about 4-5 meatballs, the owner will add pickles to balance the taste. The slightly salty taste of the meat mixed with the sweetness of the sauce is one of the reasons why so many people are addicted to bread here. The quality of grilled meat is considered delicious and rich, and over the years, the restaurant has maintained its “style” over the years. A cake is now “pricey” at 25,000 VND (1$) for a loaf, but customers are still satisfied because the quality of the cake also goes hand in hand with the price.

The selling style of this famous bread cart is fast – neat – fast from processing to sales, so even only two sellers can still meet the needs of waiting customers. The batches of meat that are fully grilled on the griddle, after being quickly returned by the owner, will be brought to the glass cabinet for sale. The owner quickly cut the cake, spread a layer of fish sauce to control the taste, put grilled meat with vegetables and melon, finished with hot chili and a layer of soy sauce to finish the product for diners.

Therefore, even though it is just a roadside trolley, this place has converged most of the features of local cuisine. Although the city offers a wide variety of breads, the simplicity of bread with delicious grilled meats has never disappointed foodies.

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