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Coordinates viewing of beautiful and peaceful terraced fields in Tuyen Quang

The terraced fields in the Hong Thai commune, Tuyen Quang contribute to the vivid and brilliant picture of the highland ripe rice season.

The ripe rice season in Hong Thai, Tuyen Quang is brilliant in a peaceful, peaceful but equally attractive way.

Coordinates viewing of beautiful and peaceful terraced fields in Tuyen Quang

Besides Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang is also a place to “hunt” impressive ripe rice.(Photo: Quang Hoang Hung)

Located at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level, the Hong Thai commune, about 50km from the center of Na Hang district, is one of the highest places in Tuyen Quang province.

Coming here on September and October of the year, visitors will admire a beautiful pictures from the work of local people – beautiful terraced fields.

The scene of the fields gradually changing color in Hong Thuy commune from above.(Photo: Hoang Hung)

Stretching over a total area of ​​82ha, these strata are most concentrated in the villages of Khau Trang, Pac Khoang, and Na Mu and are distributed along the inter-commune road around the center of Hong Thai commune. . There are layers of craggy fields on the middle of the mountain, close to the road, there are places that connect from the top of the mountain to the stream.

Bright yellow color in September and October in a corner of Hong Thai.(Photo: Hoang Tha)

Every autumn, the whole area gradually transforms from a cool green color to a layer of golden waves, flexible as if embracing a corner of the sky.

Depending on the terrain, the short length of the fields is also different, there are only 3 – 4m lengths, but there are also long stretches that cross many bends, spreading from one hillside to another with spectacular views. . That highland painting seems to attract travelers, inviting and welcoming all souls who love beauty and enjoy the transformation of nature.

Impressive landscape painting created by fields.(Photo: Hoang Hung)

Come to Hong Thai these days, immerse yourself in the cool, fresh air, zoom your eyes out into the distance to capture all the magnificent mountains looming under the shadow of clouds, in the distance are small villages adorning the picture. In the brilliant yellow season, visitors seem to be watering their souls, and all their sorrows disappear before the peaceful poetic beauty of a pristine countryside.

Ideal coordinates for extremely chilled photos.(Photo: Lady Ther)

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, visitors also have the opportunity to exchange and learn more about culture and people in the Hong Thai commune.

The terraced fields in Hong Thai commune sparkle in the pouring water season.(Photo: Vo Thao Uyen)

By discovering how skillful hands have carved unique natural works between heaven and earth, you will feel even more clearly the beauty of the enchanting terraced fields. That is the beauty of diligent and creative labor from the Dao, Mong and Tay people living here.

The bright yellow “carpet” covers an area of ​​the Hong Thai commune in the ripe rice season.(Photo: Quang Dang Duong)

The terraced fields in Hong Thai with serenity but full of splendor will certainly not disappoint visitors.

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