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Dawn across Vietnam

O Long tea hill, Long Bien bridge, and hundreds of years old Gia Lai or Hon Yen are brilliant in the sunrise, through the lens of photographer Nguyen Ngoc Tuan.

Photographer Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, 40 years old, living in Hanoi, has been shooting Dawn across Vietnam for the past two years. In addition to teaching and researching at the Military Medical Academy, Mr. Tuan is also passionate about landscape photography and human life.

Due to the nature of his work, Mr. Tuan often takes pictures on weekends and combines in trips with his family. On a trip to O Long tea hill ( Sa Pa , Lao Cai), he was impressed with the early morning sun shining on the rows of cherry apricot trees with pink flowers, interspersed between the paths. “In the middle of the early winter weather in the morning sunshine, the trees have young leaves and bloom to create a beautiful scene like a fairy tale,” he shared.

A fanciful dawn in the early morning mist on the area of ​​Long Bien bridge spanning the Red River, connecting Long Bien – Hoan Kiem districts. The ancient features of the century-old architecture seem to shine when adorned with long stretches of reed flowers, which often bloom at the end of the year.

The rhythm of life at dawn on the “infinity” beach of Quang Lang (Thuy Hai, Thai Thuy, Thai Binh) is like hypnosis, an attractive destination for tourists recently. On calm days, a Quang Lang beach area is like a mirror that looks to infinity.

Dawn on Nong Cong sedge field, Thanh Hoa . This sedge growing area is considered the largest raw material granary in the North Central region, with an area of ​​more than 300 hectares spread over 10 communes, Nong Cong district. Mr. Tuan said about Nong Cong on a summer occasion, walking along the dyke of the Yen River, you can see the green color of sedges, the peaceful and charming scene like a picture.

Mr. Tuan said, photography has helped me to expand my relationships, change my concept of life, think more positively and see the good and beautiful things around me. “At first I took pictures for fun, balance life, then passion and have time to go out to shoot,” he said and said feeling full of vitality every time looking back at the photos taken, in There is a sunrise on Bay Mau coconut forest , Quang Nam.

This coconut forest is located adjacent to three rivers De Vong, Thu Bon and Hoai right in the Cua Dai area that pours water into the sea, a few kilometers from Hoi An ancient town. Visitors here can visit, rowing basket boat to enjoy the feeling of being in the West of the river.

On the photo is the sunrise by Ban Viet lake (Phong Chau, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang ). The scenery around the lake becomes more romantic when the following forest turns yellow and red in winter.

Among genres, Mr. Tuan is most passionate about landscape photography, especially the subject of dawn because he is immersed in nature. “When photographing dawn always gives me a surprise, there are days when I’m lucky to meet bright colors, bring positive energy; but there are also days that are not as expected, only the sky is overcast. and dark clouds,” he shared. On the photo, he captured the scene of the morning sun mixed with the mist on the pine-lined road about 800 m long, passing through Nghia Hung (Chu Pah, Gia Lai ).

Eo Gio ( Quy Nhon , Binh Dinh ) at dawn. This place is increasingly attracting tourists thanks to its unique terrain, made up of high rocky mountains, protruding mountain peaks, winding embracing a sea, blending to create a beautiful landscape.

Tuan said that taking photos of dawn requires passion, having to go very early and arrive in time, choose a tripod location, install shooting equipment on high mountains or wade far from the coast, ready to take pictures. new day moment.

“In order to capture the sunrise on Hon Yen beach (Phu Yen), I had to wade quite far, taking pictures while holding my tripod because of the big waves, I remember this trip best because it was my first time going with you. Big son, he loves nature very much, the trip also helps to strengthen the father-son relationship,” he confided.

Dawn at dawn on the Du Sinh hill, about 6 km from the center of Da Lat , Lam Dong. From the top of the hill, visitors can see the bright red sunrise covering an area of ​​the sky.

“I feel the beauty of my country is so wonderful, majestic and poetic. Within the sunrise photo series, I want to spread to readers the typical beautiful scenery in some regions of the country, not inferior. countries in the world, thereby wishing to promote local tourism and introduce Vietnam’s beautiful scenery to international friends,” said Tuan.

Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan

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