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Commencing the project of “paradise” for 4,000 dairy cows in Son La

Commencing the project of “paradise” for 4,000 dairy cows in Son La

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and delegates press the button to start the project "The Complex of Moc Chau Milk Paradise". Photo: Ba Thang.

Moc Chau Milk and Vinamilk announced and began construction on "The Complex of Moc Chau Milk Paradise" on May 28. The VND 3,150 billion project is a modern, closed agricultural ecosystem comprised of high-tech dairy cow farms, ecotourism, and high-tech milk processing factories. 

Son La Provincial Secretary Nguyn Hu Dong stated that "Moc Chau milk paradise" would become a "wonder" of the Northwest, a symbolic portrait for the Moc Chau milk brand thanks to the unique and interesting agricultural production and dairy processing model of Son La or the northwestern region in general. 

The Secretary of Son La Province emphasized that the initiative has contributed to the development of the local economy, tourism, and the maximum utilization of the locality's potential and strengths in order to construct a green, efficient, and sustainable Son La. 

Vinamilk and Moc Chau Milk officially launched the category "Moc Chau ecofarm, high-tech dairy cow" and received the Decision approving the investment policy for the category on Moc Chay high-tech dairy processing factory, establishing a significant milestone and official participation in the establishment of the Moc Chau Milk Paradise Complex. 

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh pointed out many potentials and competitive advantages of Moc Chau district and Son La province. Photo:  Ba Thang.

The high-tech farm includes 4,000 dairy cows and a total investment of VND 700 billion; it is expected to produce around 20 million liters of raw milk each year. The farm employs cutting-edge, international-standard, eco-friendly, fuel-saving technologies and equipment. 

Investments in ecological tourism and landscape totaling VND 300 billion include services, art and culture, experimental learning about dairy farming activities, contribution to introducing the culture and history of the locality, and promotion of the Moc Chau Milk brand. Linked to the farm, the expansive pasture provides fresh feed ingredients with international standards for 4,000 dairy cows. 

In addition, Moc Chau Milk invests an extra VND 150 billion to renovate and expand the Center for Moc Chau Dairy Cattle Breeding, in order to foster 2,000 dairy cows that help boost the raw material for fresh milk reproduction and breeds for the domestic market. 

The Moc Chau high-tech milk processing facility encompasses a land area of 26ha, a total investment of VND 2 trillion over two phases, and a design capacity of 500 tons of milk per day. 

According to the Prime Minister, livestock development possesses many meanings for Moc Chau and needs to be implemented better in the coming time. Photo:  Ba Thang.

The factory is developed according to a green architectural concept that fits the natural landscape of Moc Chau, and the entire administration and operation employ 4.0 technology of international standard. Additionally, the plant will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies to safeguard the ecological environment, conserve resources, and achieve sustainable development goals. 

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended and spoke at the occasion, highlighting the potential and competitive advantages of Moc Chau, such as its temperate environment and efficient transportation. According to the Prime Minister, provincial and agricultural authorities in Son La have devoted special attention to exploiting indigenous resources, such as cattle development and fruit tree cultivation on slopes, and have developed appropriate policies and plans. 

Moc Chau milk paradise will become the "wonder of Northwest", a symbolic image for the Moc Chau milk brand. Photo: Moc Chau Milk.

In addition, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of developing a circular and green economy oriented toward environmental preservation in order to reduce carbon emissions, so contributing to Vietnam's "zero-carbon" commitment at COP26. 

In light of the fact that Vietnam faces numerous challenges, such as climate change, a shift in consumption habits, and epidemics, the Prime Minister requested that Moc Chau, in particular, and other localities, in general, diversify their supply chain in order to ensure a sustainable, integrated, and multi-valued agricultural production value chain. 

For Son La, the Prime Minister requested that the province develop policies to attract investment resources, including how to promote public investment to lead to private investment, in order to "make the impossible possible" as it has for the past years. 

The first phase of the project is projected to be finished in 2024, according to Ms. Mai Kieu Lien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moc Chau Milk, member of the Board of Directors, and General Director of Vinamilk. The complex consisting of an eco-farm, high-tech dairy cows, and a modern, international-standard milk processing factory will serve as the foundation for the development of the local dairy industry and the promotion of the Moc Chau milk brand. 

"Vinamilk and Moc Chau Milk will proactively implement the construction of the project on schedule, bringing sustainable effectiveness. It is believed that the commencement of the project would open up a new chapter in the development of the "milk paradise" of Moc Chau, Son La.", Ms. Mai Kieu Lien shared. 

Authors: Pham Hieu - Bao Thang - Duc Minh

Translated by Linh Linh

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