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Gilded Honda Monkey motorcycles on sale in Vietnam for over $8,700 each

The 50cc four-stroke Honda Monkey motorcycles with many gilded parts are priced at some VND200 million ($8,713.4) each in Vietnam.

The motorcycles are manufactured with a limited quantity of 5,000 worldwide.

The Honda Monkey is a mini-motorcycle which was launched in 1961. During the product life cycle, there have been many special editions. 

The highlight of the Honda Monkey Gold Limited Edition motorcycle is its gilded fuel tank, fenders, handlebars, light frames, heat shield for the exhaust pipe, and shock absorber.

This motorcycle has just been ridden for seven kilometers. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

Additionally, many stamps with the phrase 'limited edition' are placed on the body of the motorbike.

One Honda Monkey is offered by an agent in Vietnam and has just been ridden for over seven kilometers.

The price of $8,713.4 was aimed at customers who are keen on collecting two-wheeled vehicles as such an amount can be used to buy a high-end scooter or a large displacement motorcycle.

The Honda Monkey has a low (about 560 millimeters) and wide saddle but high handlebars to facilitate adults riding it.

The heat shield for the exhaust pipe is gilded. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

In the initial stage, the motorbike had no shock absorbers. It was not until 1974 that Honda added both rear shock absorbers and front forks to the Monkey.

The vehicle is built around a 49cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine and a three-speed gearbox with a capacity of 4.5 horsepower.

It is about 58 kilograms, half the weight of a typical scooter.

In March 2017, the chairman of Honda said that the firm would suspend the Monkey manufacturing from August 2017 due to regulations on the control over exhaust gas in Japan.

Classic buttons on the left of the handlebars. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this motorcycle line-up, Honda has launched a special edition with 500 motorcycles for local sales only and 500 customers receiving lucky numbers can buy them.

The selling price of the Monkey was about $4,000 in August 2021.

In Vietnam, Honda Monkey motorcycles have been imported by many private agents. However, Honda Monkey Gold Limited Edition bikes are a rarity.

Many collectors are willing to pay to own them.

The logo of Honda Monkey Limited Edition is printed on the leather saddle. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

Tire tread is similar to that of all-terrain vehicles. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

Gilded fuel tank. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

The limited edition logo. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

Rear drum brake and cast rims. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

Classic tail-light. Photo: Cong Minh / Tuoi Tre

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