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Where is the Bu Dop eco-tourism area in Binh Phuoc? What’s playing?

Bu Dop eco-tourism area attracts visitors with charming scenery, many interesting entertainment activities, and super delicious specialties. Let’s “pocket” the experience of going to Bu Dop in Binh Phuoc to discover the experience through the following article.

Where is Bu Dop eco-tourism area?

Bu Dop eco-tourism area is located in Thien Hung commune, Bu Dop, Binh Phuoc. From Binh Phuoc center to Bu Dop ecological area is about 78km. This place attracts tourists with beautiful scenery of rivers and wild and magnificent forests. The entire ecological area has a total area of ​​6,400ha with diverse ecosystems, all creating a beautiful picture of nature that attracts tourists when coming to Binh Phuoc. 

Where is the Bu Dop eco-tourism area in Binh Phuoc? What’s playing?
Bu Dop Ecological Area is a tourist attraction in Binh Phuoc

The ideal time to go to Bu Dop ecological area

Traveling to Bu Dop Binh Phuoc ecological area you can go at any time of the year. The ideal time is from April to November, this is the dry season in Binh Phuoc with beautiful sunshine and little rain, suitable for sightseeing and playing.

If you intend to go to Bu Dop from December to March next year, you should check the weather forecast before going. Since this is the rainy season in Binh Phuoc, sudden rains can affect your trip.

The ideal time to go to Bu Dop ecological area

How to move to Bu Dop eco-tourism area

Experience going to Bu Dop eco-tourism area , to get to this place you can choose from many different means of transport depending on the departure location. As follows: 

– Bus: From Saigon, you can easily travel by bus to Binh Phuoc. From Bu Dop bus station, you can take a motorbike taxi to the ecological area about 14km. 

– Motorbike: If you know the way and have good health, you can take a motorbike from Saigon for about 2 hours to arrive. If you ride a motorbike from the center of Binh Phuoc, you can follow the route DT756 and DT748/DT759B to arrive in about an hour and a half.

How to move to Bu Dop ecological area?

Top 10 interesting experiences when going to Bu Dop eco-tourism area

In discovering Bu Dop Binh Phuoc eco-tourism area , you will experience many interesting things such as: 

Learn about the cultural life of the locals 

Because the Bu Dop ecological area is located close to Cambodia, the people living here have many unique cultural features. Visiting this ecological area, visitors can also learn and experience the culture as well as the daily life of the people here. In particular, visitors will experience the scene of gardening or harvesting rubber resin.

Have the opportunity to learn about the cultural life of the local people 

River bathing

The river in Bu Dop is not clear and a bit cloudy, but it is also an interesting experience that attracts tourists to swim in the river to feel the cool water. Note, the river bed is quite deep so you should wear protective gear to ensure safety.

Relax and swim in the river in Bu Dop on a cool summer day

Explore Can Don hydroelectricity

One of the interesting experiences that attract tourists when traveling to Bu Dop Binh Phuoc ecological area is to visit the Can Don hydropower plant. You will learn the process of operating hydroelectricity in detail and admire the beautiful scenery here.

Visit Can Don hydroelectricity in Bu Dop

Admire the charming scenery of forests and rivers

Bu Dop tourist area features a wild and majestic natural landscape with great potential for tourism development. Visiting Bu Dop, you can walk, rent a bicycle or take a canoe along the river to admire the charming scenery here. At Bu Dop ecological area, visitors can also witness first-hand the species raised here and learn about their living and eating processes.

Explore the diverse ecosystem in the Bu Dop eco-area

Explore the rubber forest 

Bu Dop is famous for its vast rubber forests, visitors will be able to admire the beautiful scenery and learn about the rubber harvesting process. In particular, the green space of the rubber forest is a beautiful backdrop for super quality virtual live photos. You can join people in harvesting rubber and choose for themselves products from rubber as gifts.

Check-in beautiful scenery in the rubber forest in Bu Dop. Photo: Vungtau.tintuc

Visit the garden to eat fruits and specialties

Besides bathing in rivers, visiting hydroelectric plants, rubber forests … when coming to the Bu Dop eco-tourism area in Binh Phuoc , you can also visit the luxuriant fruit garden of the people here. Take a walk to see the scenery and enjoy a variety of fresh fruits. Besides, you can also enjoy a lot of delicious specialties of Bu Dop such as Salmon, eel, and golden goby processed in a rustic mountain style.

Enjoy the specialties of the mountains and forests in Bu Dop

Notes when going to Bu Dop eco-tourism area

With the following useful information, you will have a lot of experiences  when visiting Bu Dop ecological area :

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid sudden rains affecting your trip. 

– Wear sports shoes to facilitate walking. 

– If you do not have good health or do not want to walk a lot, you should rent a canoe to enjoy the scenery. 

– Regarding eating and resting, you can rent rooms for people here. They are very friendly and hospitable. 

– You can combine visiting other famous places in Binh Phuoc such as: Bu Gia Map National Park , Bu Lach grassland, Suoi Lam lake, Mo waterfall… 

So when you read this, you already know what Bu Dop Binh Phuoc eco-tourism area has to play ? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have the most enjoyable trip to Bu Dop. In addition, you can refer to detailed Binh Phuoc tourism information to have a complete upcoming trip.

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