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See the beautiful valley of apricot forest ‘falling in love’ with people in Moc Chau

TTO – As white as the first snowflakes of the season, the apricot forest valley in Moc Chau, Son La is becoming a place that many young people enjoy.

Located along National Highway 43 in the direction of Hanoi to Son La ( about 7km from Moc Chau town ), the valley of the apricot forest is the most beautiful place to attract tourists when coming to Moc Chau at this time.

20ha wide, the apricot forest is planted in the valley 60m lower than the highway surface, forming a very beautiful white strip. Apricot flowers bloom in clusters, white quite similar to plum flowers. From a distance, the whole valley looks like it is covered with a layer of snow.

Apricot flowers in Moc Chau usually bloom from January and last for about 3 weeks. This year, due to the influence of the epidemic, fewer visitors come to the valley of the apricot forest.

Thanks to that, anyone who comes here at this time can freely take virtual photos without fear of crowding.

Apricot forest is also a great camping site for tourists – Photo: VU TRUONG KIEN

Having a hobby of wandering and exploring Moc Chau, 9X guy Vu Trung Kien shared: “Compared to last year, this year apricot flowers bloom bigger and more beautiful, now some trees have also started to bear fruit. Few visitors. Traveling here, I feel very comfortable and relaxed.

The best time to photograph flowers is from 15:00 to 17:30, because at this time the sun is not too harsh, the water will also be more beautiful. The valley of the apricot forest is one of the places you should visit when you come to Moc Chau on this occasion.

Roaming around Moc Chau with a camera companion – Photo: VO TRUNG KIEN

Most of the apricot orchards here are owned by local people who have converted from growing fruit trees to a tourism model. The ticket price is 20,000 VND, visitors are free to explore and take photos without a time limit.

After the plum blossom season ends, the plum blossoms will begin to bloom. Visitors to Moc Chau can visit Na Ka plum valley to admire that beautiful flower during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

The white apricot flowers usually bloom at the time of the New Year and last until the Lunar New Year – Photo: VU TRUONG KIEN

The entrance to the forest is paved with stone so that visitors can move more easily – Photo: VU TRUNG KIEN

The valley of the apricot forest is located close to Highway 43, about 7km from Moc Chau town – Photo: VU TRUNG KIEN

Apricot flowers bloom bigger and more beautiful this year – Photo: VO TRUNG KIEN

Apricots dotted between pure white flowers – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

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