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The largest ancient communal house in Quang Nam

QUANG NAM – Chien Dan Temple, Tam Dan Commune, Phu Ninh District 550 years old has been repaired many times but still retains the ancient architecture.

According to legend as well as an oral tradition, the Chien Dan communal house was built around 1471-1473 on a flat land of 1,500 m2, Tam Dan commune, Phu Ninh district to worship the citadel and predecessors who had publicized the area. this land. This place is also dedicated to worshiping those who have contributed to the country, with the locality that has been ordained by the king, or passed high in the village.

People in Quang Nam have a saying “Nhat La Qua, second Thanh My, three Chien Dan” about the hundreds of years old communal houses. Until now, Chien Dan communal house has become the largest communal house in the locality, because the other two communal houses were destroyed by war.

The communal house is roofed with yin and yang tiles, the top is designed with the shape of two dragons in a flying position and facing each other.

The communal house is 440 m2 wide, built in a rectangular shape, facing the southeast direction, the roof is decorated with the shape of “two dragons and the moon”, the eaves are covered with two unicorns; In front of the house, there is a three-door gate.

The communal house consists of five compartments and two wings, with 30 jackfruit wooden columns, the largest column diameter is more than 40 cm and the smallest is 37 cm. The three main compartments are places for worship. In front of the shrine, there are three horizontal paintings, one clearly stating “Chien Dan communal house”.

In the communal house, many trusses and bales are carved delicately and flexibly by talented craftsmen of Van Ha carpentry village, Tam Thanh commune, Phu Ninh district.

Under a carved wooden truss.

A restored wooden pole. Since its construction until now, the communal house has undergone many renovations, most recently in 1932, 1955, 1967, 1972, 1996, 2006 but the original elements of the communal house are still preserved intact. of an ancient structure.

The communal house is the place where local cultural activities take place. In the photo on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, nearly 100 players gathered at Chien Dan communal house to participate in the chess tournament in Phu Ninh district.

In 2002, Chien Dan communal house was ranked as a National Art and Architectural Relic. Every year on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, people hold a communal house festival to remember their father’s gratitude. The communal house is located about 500 m from National Highway 1A, Ky Ly junction, Tam Dan commune, following DT 615 road to the west.

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