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December check-in with Moc Chau fruits

SON LA – Winter is also the time when the fields of white cabbage, wild sunflowers bloom, and oranges and persimmons ripen brilliantly throughout the Moc Chau plateau.

In the last month of the year, the weather is dry, cold, and sunny, which makes the flower seasons on the Moc Chau plateau bloom, creating many beautiful landscapes for visitors to explore.

wild sunflowers

In December, visitors to Moc Chau will see wild sunflowers bloom and spread golden carpets throughout the plateau, bringing the same beauty as Ba Vi or Da Lat. Some beautiful places to see wild sunflowers are Chieng Di village, located about 1 km from National Highway 6; the top of the Chieng Di slope (where it borders Moc Chau and Van Ho); the intersection of Vuon Dao and Dai Yem waterfall tourist area.

In Chieng Di, you follow the entrance to the homestay and you will see the wild sunflowers blooming on both sides of the road, alternating with red poinsettia. At Dai Yem waterfall, you buy an entrance ticket of 50,000 VND per person to both visits the waterfall and watch wild sunflowers adorn both sides of the road along the stream leading to the glass bridge.

flowering Choy

Currently, the field in Ta So village, the road to the original village of Hang Tau , Chieng Hac commune, or the area of ​​​​Apricot forest valley (blooming since early November) is in full bloom. In addition, Moc Chau has many other villages such as Pa Phach, Ban Lon, Ban Ang pine forest, Na Ka valley, Bo Bun village… which are also check-in points in the cauliflower season.

Cauliflower fields often cover the hills, extending from one valley to the other. The vast space of Moc Chau steppe at the end of the year can be found everywhere the pure white of winter flowers.

Plum blossoms bloom early

The plum blossoms in the right season will bloom the most in January of the solar calendar, but in Mu Nau valley, the flowers have bloomed since early December. So take advantage of the year-end holidays to schedule to explore this romantic scene. In addition to Mu Nau, plum flowers began to bloom scattered in valleys such as Na Ka, Km82 plum forest, Ngu Dong Ban On, Pa Phach village…

Picking oranges and persimmons in the garden

The end of November and the beginning of December is the most fruit-laden season of persimmons and oranges in Moc Chau. That’s when the orange trees are ripe and yellow, and the persimmon trees have lost their leaves when they are full of branches. To see lonely persimmon trees, visitors stop by the way to Ngu Dong Ban On, Na Ka, Tan Lap, and Phieng Canh villages.

As for the area near the heart of tea hill, Ban On sub-area, Moc Chau farm town, you will see a large orange and persimmon garden. It is recommended to visit the orchards in the morning and early afternoon for convenient transportation and photography because around 3 pm onwards the sun will go out early.

December check-in with Moc Chau fruits
Persimmons are full of fruit at the end of the year in Moc Chau. Photo: Helen Nguyen

Some beautiful orange gardens for visitors to experience, fruit picking, and photography are Thanh Binh, Dan Mat, Moc Chau national tourist area, A Cao cooperative… The price for admission to the garden is about 20,000 VND/person. The price of oranges in the garden is about 40,000 – 50,000 VND/kg.

Note: Visiting, taking photos at the fruit gardens, whether free or paid, visitors should not litter, break branches and cling to trees, affect the landscape.

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