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Hemp vegetables of the highlanders

Compared to the ginseng of the highland people, the five-year-old vegetable (the people are familiar with it) that the ethnic minorities in Sa Pa and Bac Ha still grow as a fence has been known by many people. comes by the taste of a medicinal vegetable with good health effects.

Recently, having the opportunity to work in the highlands of Sa Pa, I enjoyed a rustic meal of the ethnic minorities here, including hemp vegetables that people picked from the fence to stir-fry with dried meat. kitchen attic. In the bitter cold of late autumn and early winter, the aroma of dried meat at the kitchen counter mixed with the fleshy taste of hemp has created an attractive culinary dish.

Stir-fried five-spice vegetables with chicken hearts.

The tops of hemp vegetables are often picked fresh by the highlanders from the fields to stir-fry with garlic, more luxuriously, they can be chopped and fried with chicken eggs or with horse meat. Like dong Quai leaves stir-fried with horse meat, hemp vegetables are grown by people to eat. Many visitors to Sapa or Bac Ha after enjoying this vegetable dish are very interested because of the bitter, sweet, and fragrant taste of the vegetable creating a very special flavor for the dish. People in the lowlands have ordered this dish when they know it, but because it is a green vegetable, it is difficult to transport it far away, so few people can buy it.

Talking to engineer Luong Van Hoang, Sa Pa Institute of Medicinal Materials (under the Ministry of Health), he said: Five-year-old coriander is a precious herb. The bark and young tops contain saponins. The five houseplants are very good for health, related to ginseng. The young tops can be used as vegetables, processed into simple dishes such as cooking fish soup, stir-fried with beef, while the old leaves and old branches can be boiled.

The top of the five-year-old incense is bought by many lowland tourists.

Many research documents record that the five sycamore tree is a medicinal plant of the ginseng family included in the list of widely used traditional medicine remedies, in the form of a shrub with thorny stems. The tree has many effects such as strong anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and fatigue, as a tonic to improve health, enhance memory, cure stomach diseases, low numbness. Some of the active ingredients in the five houseplants also have anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

Particularly for people in the highlands, this is a “panacea”, eating to have better sleep, simply processing it into a green vegetable dish in the daily menu also has a good effect on health. Some ethnic minority households in the Bac Ha highland have been growing this “ginseng” vegetable variety in their home garden because of the “dual benefit” of both making green vegetables and having an extra income when tourists order them.

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