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‘Lost’ to beautiful cafes in Phan Thiet

Traveling to Phan Thiet, no matter where you go, whatever you do, don’t miss these beautiful cafes in Phan Thiet! The drinks are delicious, the atmosphere is good, and they bring back many beautiful photos, can’t be missed, right? 

1. A Little Thing Bistro – famous beautiful coffee shop in Phan Thiet 

Address: B4 Hoang Bich Son, Phu Thuy Ward, Phan Thiet

The first address mentioned in the list of beautiful coffee shops in Phan Thiet is A Little Thing Bistro. This is a sunny cafe located on the quiet Hoang Bich Son street. Many tourists come here to escape the noise. It is because of that quietness and relaxation that A Little Thing Bistro is the most sought after in Phan Thiet. 

‘Lost’ to beautiful cafes in Phan Thiet
A Little Thing Bistro
The main color tone here is brown 

Brown tones and an almost wooden interior, dotted with green plant pots has made this place a “virtual living corner” that many people have to fall in love with. Every corner at A Little Thing Bistro can be beautifully photographed. Especially when the sun comes up and fills the room. Another plus point is that the drinks at the bar are evaluated for quality, reasonable prices, enthusiastic service staff. 

Drinks here have good reviews 

2. Chameleon Beach Bar – a beautiful cafe in luxury Phan Thiet 

Address: 138 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet Citadel, Binh Thuan.

Chameleon Beach Bar is mentioned as a beautiful cafe in Phan Thiet with an extremely modern and youthful Hawaiian style. This place stands out with a very classy and luxurious space located among the tall coconut trees on the pure white sand. When coming here, visitors will enjoy the extremely fresh and cool atmosphere. Chameleon Beach Bar attracts young people to enjoy coffee right on the beach, admire the beautiful scenery, watch each wave. Especially sitting and watching the red sunset in a corner of the sky is an expensive experience. 

Chameleon Beach Bar
(Photo: thudollyyy)

As soon as you step into the restaurant, you will be impressed by the delicate decoration and design. The rattan tables and chairs are neatly placed with cream brown tones to bring a feeling of both luxury and warmth. Besides, there are beautiful small tables placed under the shade of coconut trees to create a peaceful space to relax. Besides, Chameleon Beach Bar has a balcony area made of wood with a very romantic view of the sea. Standing there, visitors can easily see the poetic sea scenery. 

Sitting and drinking coffee while watching the sea is so romantic 

3. Mr. and Mrs. Bich Cafe – classic beautiful coffee shop in Phan Thiet 

Address: 66/1 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Phu Trinh, Thiet

Mr. Ba Bich Cafe is a beautiful coffee shop in Phan Thiet with a rather ancient style. The space here is airy, with beautiful scenery outside. Tables and chairs are arranged on the stairs. The style of the shop is quite old, creating a feeling of nostalgia. The drinks at the restaurant are quite good, especially the egg coffee is very delicious. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bich Cafe
The decor here is very nostalgic

Mr. Ba Bich Cafe is the ideal address for an afternoon stroll around the city, you want to find a small corner to enjoy coffee during your trip to Phan Thiet. 

Many people mistakenly think this is Hoi An!
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4. The Fox Coffee – beautiful coffee shop in Phan Thiet should visit 

Address: P15 – P16 Ton Duc Thang, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

Fox Coffee will be the next name introduced in the list of beautiful coffee shops in Phan Thiet. The shop is designed from colorful containers. Due to the fancy and creative decor, this cafe attracts a large number of young people who come to drink coffee and check-in very energetically. 

The Fox Coffee
Containers transformed into cafes 

In addition to the unique space, Fox Coffee also has delicious homemade drinks. If you have enjoyed it once, you will want to come back again. The shop’s best-seller is bingsu with many different flavors.

The photo background is so young and dynamic 

5. Papa’s Garden Coffee & Restaurant – a beautiful coffee shop in Phan Thiet with a strong sea flavor 

Address: 163 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Papa’s Garden is a quite popular place to eat and rest for all visitors when coming to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. There are a variety of drinks, vegetarian and savory dishes for the taste of many people. Papa’s Garden is located in a prime location opposite the big sea and Mui Ne fishing village.

Papa’s Garden Coffee & Restaurant
The restaurant is located in a prime location 

The shop has a ground floor, the first floor with an airy balcony with sea view. Drink prices at the bar are assessed to be reasonable. In addition, here also serves office lunch boxes.

1st floor of the shop 

6. Cargo Remote Mui Ne – beautiful cafe in lovely Phan Thiet 

Address: 201/88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet

Cargo Remote Mui Ne is a beautiful cafe in Phan Thiet that you should not miss. Here, you have found yourself a coordinate where you can sit and watch the beautiful city in a quiet and poetic space. The shop is designed quite simply with a youthful, dynamic, and very modern style. In particular, this place also offers diners a very lovely and lovely outdoor area. 

(Photo: iamlouishoo)
(Photo: emeraldpham139)

Cargo Remote Mui Ne becomes more sparkling at night, the twinkling lights make the space in the shop more romantic and poetic. This is also a great dating site for couples. In particular, Cargo Remote Mui Ne also arranges a few lazy chairs right next to the pool so that everyone can live virtual. 

Lying here living in a virtual life is absolutely beautiful

Phan Thiet, a beautiful coastal city is always an ideal stopover when you want to rest and immerse yourself in the fresh space. Hopefully, the beautiful coffee shops in Phan Thiet that Luhanhvietnam has just introduced will become interesting destinations in your upcoming trip. 

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