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Discovering God Cliff in Hà Giang


The road to God Cliff in Ha Giang Province. — Photo

Lam Thanh

Located at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level, the God Cliff in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang is one of the places that attract many tourists.

We once visited the beautiful sites of Ha Giang including Mã Pì Leng Pass - Tu Sản Abyss Alley - Nho Quế River, and we were amazed by the majestic beauty of this place. However, it was created not only by the three names mentioned above, but also by another place - God Cliff - which is considered the top floor of the most magnificent landscape in Viet Nam.

The God Cliff, which is also known as White Cliff, is located on Mã Pì Leng Pass, between Pải Lủng Commune and Pả Vi Commune, Meo Vạc District.

Mã Pì Leng Pass is often known as the pass part on National Highway 4C, also known as the Road of Happiness. However, there is another small Mã Pì Leng Pass road (also called Mã Pí Leng B) that only motorbikes can traverse.

The God Cliff is located on this small Mã Pì Leng Pass passage. However, you can only ride a motorbike for about 3km, then have to walk another 2km. However, the path is not easy at all because the road is extremely narrow, bumpy and twisting. One side is a cliff, the other side is an abyss. So, if you can't ride a motorbike, you have to walk the whole 5km.

A visitor poses at the God Cliff. — Photo

We started our journey from the Happiness Road Museum. On this road, we stopped at the Death Cliff to check-in, however, we were very careful because it was also quite dangerous.

After that, we continued to drive down to the valley below to reach Co Tien Mountain. We went very slowly because of the bumpy roads and saw a small turn, where we could see the observatory overlooking the Mã Pì Leng Pass. From here, we had to walk.

At the observatory, we discovered the beautiful Nho Quế River and the pass below. We also rested to regain our strength because the distance of riding a motorbike for only 3km was also a bit exhausting. Then we continued the journey to see the magic cliff.

We felt that the fatigue and difficulty we had just experienced was worth it, because of the stunning natural scenery here.

The cliff is majestic, high and dangerous between the clouds. Against the blue sky, white clouds with Mã Pì Leng Pass appearing very steep, the green Nho Quế River winding and bisecting the mountains.

Standing at the God Cliff, Nho Quế River appears majestic. — Photo

Touching the cliff, we felt that there seems to be a fracture of the mountains and hills. The rock surface shows rough features and wonderful carvings of nature. That moment led us to the wonderful scenery of the sky and clouds, feeling like we were standing in a fairytale.

For the people here, the God Cliff is a place of sacred significance associated with the legend of a love story between a husband and wife. For visitors, this place is a paradise to admire the panoramic view of the imposing beautiful site of Ha Giang below.


Once upon a time, there was a fairy who planted a precious medicinal plant on Co Tien Mountain. The plant had the ability to cure all diseases and restored aging completely. However, the cliff was steep and covered with clouds all year round, and no one could climb it.

At the foot of the mountain lived a poor couple who loved each other very much. One day, the wife fell ill, there was no cure. The husband decided to climb that dangerous cliff to pick up medicine. He cut thousands of stakes into the cliff, step by step to the top of Co Tien Mountain. He happily picked the medicine and climbed down to the old road. Strangely, when he reached the foot of cliff, all the wooden stakes disappeared. The place he climbed later appeared two steep white cliffs, one small and one large.

The wooden stakes turned into drops of water that fell like rain from the top of the mountain. The water is very fresh and cool. If anyone comes here with sincerity and receives those drops of water to drink, they will have a lot of luck. On the Tết holiday, ethnic people still come to here to worship at the foot of this sacred cliff. VNS

The overview of Mã Pì Leng Pass below and God Cliff above. — Photo


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