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Yen Son Ha Island tourist area – the famous paradise of entertainment, ‘stress relief’ in Binh Phuoc

If you are looking for a place to have fun and relax on the weekend in Binh Phuoc with fresh natural scenery, Yen Son Ha Island resort is the ideal destination. Let’s “pocket” the very useful experiences below for the upcoming trip.

Locating the coordinates of Yen Son Ha Island tourist area

Where is Yen Son Ha Island tourist area in Binh Phuoc? Yen Island tourist area is located at Group 7 Tan An, Tan Phu town, Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province. This place attracts visitors with its beautiful unspoiled natural scenery and quiet atmosphere. Many tourists choose Yen Island resort as a place to “hide” on the weekend with beautiful scenery and many attractive entertainment activities. The entire Yen Island tourist area covers an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, with a typical ecosystem, cool nature and fresh climate. You will be delighted to live virtual beautiful pictures at Yen Island tourist area as a souvenir with relatives and friends. 

Yen Son Ha Island tourist area – the famous paradise of entertainment, ‘stress relief’ in Binh Phuoc
Yen Son Island Resort Ha Binh Phuoc

Summer is the most ideal time to explore Yen Binh Phuoc Island tourist area , at this time the scenery is beautiful and the climate is cool. In addition, you can also go at other times of the year but it is not as crowded and bustling as summer. 

– Opening time: 7am – 10pm

– Ticket price: 45,000 VND/person 

Summer is the best time to go to Yen Son Ha Binh Phuoc Island resort

How to move to Yen Son Ha Island resort?

Experience going to Yen Son Ha Island said that with a distance of 58km from the center of Binh Phuoc, you can easily move here by different means of transport. If you are not familiar with the way, the best way is to take a taxi or bus. If you want to take the initiative to travel and can comfortably stop on the road to see beautiful scenery, you should ride a motorbike. Starting from the center of Dong Xoai town, you go in the direction of Hung Vuong street -> go straight for 1km, turn into DDT741 -> continue to run straight for about 10km, turn to Nguyen Tat Thanh street -> go on Phu Rieng Do street (Lac Long Quan). ) will see the tourist area located on the left.  

How to move to Yen Son Ha Island resort?

Explore Yen Binh Phuoc Island resort

What does Yen Son Island Ha Binh Phuoc tourist area have? What attracts visitors when coming to Yen Island tourist area is the unspoiled natural scenery and fresh air. Coming here, visitors will enjoy relaxing moments forgetting all the fatigue of life and listening to birdsong, murmuring streams and peaceful wind blowing. 

Beautiful scenery at Yen Binh Phuoc Island resort
Beautiful nature at Yen Island tourist area Binh Phuoc

Coming to Yen Son Ha Binh Phuoc Island tourist area, visitors can also experience many attractive fun activities, exercise to help relax and exercise good health. The highlight of the resort is the spacious swimming pool and decorated with many beautiful miniatures for you to enjoy and relax. Besides, visitors traveling in large groups or families can organize attractive teambuilding games.

Yen Binh Phuoc Island tourist area is loved by many tourists to organize picnic activities. Photo: tripzone
Swimming pool at Yen Binh Phuoc Island resort

The garden at Yen Son Ha Island attracts visitors with wild animals such as star deer, civets, deer… Visitors will learn about the lives of these animals and feed them with their own hands. In addition, there are vast lakes, rocky hills, lotus fields and floating cafes. 

Explore the fauna at Yen Son Ha Island. Photo: tobeigo

At Yen Island tourist area, there are hundreds of super beautiful virtual living corners for you to freely pose. It is the angle taken with the natural scenery, the wooden bridge over the river or the deer worthy of being carved in the resort’s premises. All that promises to bring a trip full of memorable experiences for you and your loved ones. 

Check-in virtual living at Yen Binh Phuoc Island resort. Photo: vntrip

What to eat when coming to Yen Son Ha Island resort?

Eating at Yen Son Ha Island resort, if you want to save money, you can bring ready food and drinking water. Or you can go to the restaurant of the resort to enjoy a lot of special dishes such as deer, seafood, pork, duck, chicken… The dish is prepared with delicious taste, beautifully decorated and delicious. have reasonable prices. In addition, the resort also has huts located in the middle of the lake with beautiful and cool views for you to enjoy delicious coffee and relax. 

Enjoy food at Yen Island tourist area Binh Phuoc

Notes when going to Yen Son Ha Island resort

To have a fun trip and fully explore the Yen Binh Phuoc Island tourist area , you should also know a few notes below:

– You should check the weather forecast before going, avoid stormy days because it will affect your entertainment.

– On the way you can look up google maps or ask the locals here. 

– You can also book a table for a party or a birthday party with a large number of people. However, it is necessary to contact in advance to avoid running out of seats, especially on weekends or Tet holidays. 

– For those who are far away and want to stay overnight, can choose hotels or motels in Dong Phu district. 

– Do not forget to bring a camera, beautiful clothes to take pictures as a souvenir. 

– You can combine visiting famous entertainment places in Binh Phuoc such as: Suoi Lam Lake, Ba Ra Mountain, Bu Lach grassland, Mo waterfall … 

– In the tourist area, there are souvenir shops selling a lot of specialties you can buy as gifts such as: Dried venison, smoked pork, cashew nuts, velvet ginseng wine, … 

That is the entire experience sharing of going to Yen Son Ha Binh Phuoc Island tourist area that you can refer to. If you are looking for a place to have fun and relax on the weekend in Binh Phuoc, Yen Island resort is the ideal destination. In addition, you can refer to: Full and detailed Binh Phuoc travel experience .

Binh Phuoc Travel Guide: Places to visit, activities, and things to do

For many people, Binh Phuoc province is not a destination that attracts tourists. Referring to Binh Phuoc, people only think of fruit or luxuriant pepper gardens. However, they still don’t know that in Binh Phuoc, there are many destinations with attractive wild beauty. Let’s study the whole Binh Phuoc travel guide to discover all the rustic beauty of this place!

The most detailed Binh Phuoc Travel Guide

Introduction about Binh Phuoc Travel Guide

To have the most complete Binh Phuoc travel experience, you should first know a few things about this land. Binh Phuoc is located in the southern critical economic region, in the Southeast region. There is a common border with Cambodia, about 121km from the center of Saigon, follow national highways 13 and 14.

Binh Phuoc is located in the southern key economic region, in the Southeast region. Photo: d99i6ad9lbm5v

Binh Phuoc has a fresh, natural scenery and a culture imbued with the national identity of ethnic minorities. Coming to Binh Phuoc, you will be attracted by immense rubber gardens, lush green pepper gardens, and famous tourist attractions.

Binh Phuoc has a fresh, natural scene. Photo: tadivui

When is the best time to travel to Binh Phuoc?

According to Binh Phuoc Travel Guide, this place has two distinct seasons: the rainy season, which usually starts from May to October; The dry season lasts from November to April next year. In which, there are two ideal times for you to explore Binh Phuoc comfortably:

– End of December – Next January: This is the time when Binh Phuoc puts on a brilliant spring shirt. The sun’s warm rays shine on the red dirt roads. The gardens are also changed to green leaves. The air is a bit chilly on the early spring days.

Binh Phuoc put on a brilliant spring shirt. Photo: foody

– Late February – March: This is the time when coffee flowers bloom. Traveling to Binh Phuoc on this occasion, you will see this white flower everywhere. The pure flower color and sweet fragrance will bring you an enjoyable feeling.

Coffee flowers are in full bloom. Photo: cattour

How to move to Binh Phuoc

According to Binh Phuoc Travel Guide, to move here, you can choose to go here by train, bus or motorbike.

You can buy tickets at some of the bus operators below:

– Phuoc Long garage. Route: Saigon – Phuoc Long. Phone number: 0937 957940 – 0978 929197.

– Thuy Linh garage. Route: Saigon – Dong Xoai. Phone number: 0651 3870141 – 0913 109161 – 0918 59871.

– Ha, garage. Route: Saigon – Bu Dang. Phone number: 0913 136596 – 0904 758080.

If you choose to travel by motorbike, you can follow the route: National Highway 1A > Dau Giay T-junction (70km) > then turn left along Highway 20 > to Ta Lai T-junction, turn left then follow Only 24 km away, you have reached Nam Cat Tien National Park.

There are many means for you to move to Binh Phuoc. Photo: tadivui

According to travel experience in Binh Phuoc, when you have arrived in Binh Phuoc, you should rent a service motorbike to visit the spots, both convenient and proactive in time.

Where to stay in Binh Phuoc?

Because Binh Phuoc Tourism has not developed many motel systems, hotels have not been invested and built popularly. However, there will also be several accommodation addresses for you to choose from with full facilities and affordable prices from only 100,000 VND – 500,000 VND/person.

Some motels in Binh Phuoc with reasonable prices that you can refer to:

+ Kim Long Hostel: No. 121 QL14, Tan Xuan Ward, Dong Xoai Town. Phone: 0651.881.938

+ Thanh Tam Hostel: 99 National Road 14, Tan Xuan Ward, Dong Xoai Town. Phone: 0651.879.678

+ Cuc Phuong Hostel: National Highway 14, Tan Xuan Ward, Dong Xoai Town. Phone: 0651.879.764

Hostels in Binh Phuoc. Photo: kenhhomestay gocheapvz

Popular tourist attractions in Binh Phuoc

Joining the tour in Ho Chi Minh, you will get to the point of the vibrant modern but rustic land in the Binh Phuoc. You’ll get to the attractions gently, more peaceful.

Ba Ra Mountain: This is the highest mountain of Binh Phuoc province and the third highest mountain of the Southern region. This is a beautiful address for those who are passionate about trekking. Standing on the top of Ba Ra, you can see the gentle beauty of Thac Mo Lake and the beautiful natural scenery of neighboring districts.

Ba Ra Mountain is the highest mountain of Binh Phuoc province and the third highest mountain of the Southern region. Photo: gocheapv

Bu Gia Map National Park: This place has a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. It is a suitable address for those who like to have a picnic and experience the wildlife. You will be immersed in the beautiful nature with birds chirping, murmuring streams, rustling wind. This is a fascinating tourist destination in Binh Phuoc.

Bu Gia Map National Park has a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. Photo: halotravel

Bu Dang Rubber Forest: The scenery here has made many visitors fascinated, a natural picture with all colors such as red, yellow, blue, brown on a vast stretch of land. Each season here will bring a different beauty, gentle and deep, and sometimes brilliantly attractive.

Bu Dang rubber forest with the scenery here has made many visitors fall in love. Photo: halotravel

Soc Xiem tourist area: this is one of the eco-tourism areas in Binh Phuoc that is unique and interesting. One side is a lush rubber plantation with immense green color, and the other is a residential area. Coming here, in addition to sightseeing, you can also fish by the lake and drop your soul into a peaceful and gentle space.

Soc Xiem tourist area is one of the unique and exciting eco-tourism areas in Binh Phuoc. Photo: tgdd

What to eat when traveling to Binh Phuoc?

According to Binh Phuoc Travel Guide, there are many unique and attractive dishes here, including a few foods below:

Crispy fried cicadas: this is one of the attractive dishes that make many people fall in love when traveling to Binh Phuoc. To get this dish, people have to use the cicadas that have just molted and then fried until golden and put the chili garlic fish sauce on the island. The fried cicadas are presented on a plate with iridescent yellow color, eaten with a delicious greasy taste.

Crispy fried baby cicadas are delicious. Photo: idulic

Cashew Fruit Salad: Binh Phuoc is famous as the capital of cashew fruit. In addition to ordinary salted roasted cashews, people use them to make the salad. Cashew fruit combined with shrimp, meat, herbs, and little spices will create a beautiful dish.

Cashew Fruit Salad. Photo: cookies

Roasted rattan buds: The rattan buds are cooked on a charcoal stove. When cooked, there is a unique aroma, eating you will feel the bitter taste mixed with the incredible sweetness of the buds. You can dip rattan with chili lemon salt. Although the dish is simple, it is effective in eliminating alcohol and treating abdominal bloating effectively.

Grilled rattan buds are fragrant. Photo: danviet

Free-range pig: this is one of the famous specialties of Binh Phuoc. Because it is a free-range pig, it is substantial, low-fat, and has moderate toughness. Pork is used to process into many different dishes: imitation civet, boiled pork, roasted pork, spiced grilled pork, etc.

Free-range pigs are processed into many attractive dishes. Photo: yong

Above is the entire Binh Phuoc travel guide that we have compiled. We hope this article will help you better understand this peaceful and lovely land. Wish you have a whole and meaningful discovery trip.

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