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Invite each other to check-in the beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc and then don’t want to go back

Binh Phuoc is famous for its natural waterfalls with picturesque scenery. Visiting beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc, you not only enjoy memorable moments of relaxation but also enjoy that super quality virtual life.

Check out the beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc

Here is a list of the most famous beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc today : 

1. Mo Waterfall

– Address: Thac Mo-town, Phuoc Long, Binh Phuoc province

First of all, Mo waterfall is famous for its majestic height, no less than the waterfalls in the Central Highlands. Mo Waterfall is located in the Ba Ra tourist area, so visitors will discover a lot of interesting experiences. The area around Thac Mo Lake is immense, attracting visitors to admire the scenery and take pictures. You will be combined to visit many famous places near Mo waterfall such as: Ba Ra hydropower plant, Bu Gia Map nature reserve, Ba Bay Tuyet cave… 

Invite each other to check-in the beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc and then don’t want to go back
Mo Waterfall throws beautiful white foam

Besides sightseeing, when coming to this waterfall in Binh Phuoc, visitors can also relax with cool spring water, relax fishing, swim or take a scenic boat ride. If you are an experienced lover, you can take the cable car to the top of Ba Ra mountain to admire the immense mountain scenery. In particular, in the evening at Ba Ra mountain, you will be able to camp, have fun and enjoy specialties such as salmon, eel. 

Check-in beautiful virtual living at Mo waterfall Binh Phuoc. Photo: top10binhphuoc

2. Standing Waterfall  

– Address: Doan Ket Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc

Referring to the beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc, it is impossible to ignore the famous Standing waterfall in the Bu Dang district. Located at an altitude of about 6m and 10m wide, the Standing waterfall is hidden in the vast green forest. Despite possessing a modest height, Standing Waterfall has a beautiful majestic billowing flow. Visiting Standing Waterfall, visitors will admire the flow of foam into the large white rock. 

Binh Phuoc Standing Waterfall

What attracts tourists when exploring Standing Waterfall is that the beauty is always changing, sometimes rolling but sometimes gentle and winding. The area at the foot of the Standing waterfall is the famous Dak Quottle stream with stacked stones and old trees chosen by tourists to rest. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Bu Dang Binh Phuoc, you should visit this famous waterfall once to discover many interesting things. 

Binh Phuoc Standing Waterfall attracts tourists to visit. Photo: khamphadisan

3. Elephant Waterfall  

– Address: Dong Nai Commune, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc that is loved by many tourists today. Elephant waterfall was formed by the tectonic process from geology, the outstanding feature of this waterfall is that the waterfall has no lake. So, when the water flows from the top, it will hit the rocks and throw a beautiful white foam. The area at the foot of Elephant waterfall is crevices, cliffs and banks with bushes creating a beautiful natural landscape.      

The majestic Elephant Waterfall flows day and night

What attracts tourists when visiting Elephant Waterfall is that it is located in a scenic area with Bu Lach Grassland and a system of natural forests. Therefore, when you visit Elephant Waterfall, you can also explore the beautiful and unspoiled natural scenery. If you are looking for a waterfall with typical mountainous terrain, you can’t miss Elephant waterfall. 

Admire the beautiful scenery of Elephant waterfall. Photo:@pung_cuong087

4. Bu Xa Waterfall   

– Address: Bu Xa village, Phuoc Son commune, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province 

This beautiful waterfall in Binh Phuoc is also known by locals as Dak Ti waterfall. Bu Xa Waterfall stands out with all 3 floors creating a picturesque scene. In particular, the first floor of Bu Xa waterfall upstream is 6m high and 14m wide. The 2nd and 3rd floors are 2m high with a distance of 12m between each floor. 

Bu Xa Binh Phuoc Waterfall is loved by many young people. Photo: tripzone

The highlight of Bu Xa waterfall is the cliffs on both sides, fossil-like rock blocks, alternating tall rocks and luxuriant forest trees. All-natural forests in Bu Xa are naturally growing. If you have the opportunity to visit Bu Xa waterfall in the rainy season, you will be able to admire the rapid flow of the waterfall and the majestic foaming rock. If going in the dry season, the waterfall is smaller and attracts tourists to visit and admire the beautiful scenery.

Admire the beautiful scenery of Bu Xa waterfall. Photo: tripzone

5. Pan Toong Waterfall

– Address: Hamlet 6, Duc Lieu Commune, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc 

Pan Toong is a famous beautiful waterfall in Bu Dang Binh Phuoc attracting tourists to visit. This famous waterfall is also known as Pan Tong waterfall or 34 waterfalls. This is a naturally formed waterfall flowing through the area where people live and work in cultivation. 

Pan Toong Waterfall is as beautiful as a fairyland

In the dry season, the water at the waterfall flows less so you can move on the surface of the stream. The area of ​​​​the Pan Toong waterfall flowing down is about 10m deep with stone pillars erecting walls creating a majestic and poetic scene. On both sides of the Pan Toong waterfall, there are many species of bamboo and sesame buds that grow naturally, as if painting more beauty here. 

Pan Toong Waterfall is also a beautiful virtual living place in Binh Phuoc. Photo: top10binhphuoc

6. Waterfall No. 4  

– Address: An Loc town, Long Binh – Binh Phuoc

Another beautiful waterfall in Binh Phuoc that attracts visitors that you should not miss is the 4th waterfall in the Long Binh district. Waterfall No. 4 does not possess the majestic beauty of other waterfalls, but instead is a small rapid of a stream with rows of ancient trees growing on both sides. The special thing when visiting waterfall number 4 is the suspension bridge connecting the two streams, attracting visitors to stop and admire the beautiful scenery. 

Waterfall No. 4 is loved by many tourists every time they come to Binh Phuoc

Visiting Binh Phuoc 4 waterfall, you can not only admire the majestic beauty but also enjoy a memorable vacation. You can spread the canvas under the shadows of the ancient trees here to rest, eat and listen to the relaxing birdsong. 

Take a walk to discover the beauty of the 4th waterfall. Photo: Pinterest

In addition to the above waterfalls, Binh Phuoc is also famous for many other beautiful waterfalls such as Dakmok Waterfall, Luu Ly Waterfall, Ong Dong Waterfall,… 

Those are the beautiful waterfalls in Binh Phuoc that are most famous and loved today . Hope to help you choose for yourself the most beautiful waterfalls to enjoy the beautiful scenery and live virtual when you have the opportunity to come to Binh Phuoc. You can also refer to: Binh Phuoc travel experience

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