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Famous writer’s teen tales reprinted this summer


Famous writer’s teen tales reprinted this summer
Themes of friendship and teen love, with highlights about southern culture and lifestyle, are featured in books for teenagers by writer Đoan Thạch Biền, a leading author in the south in the 1980s-90s. His books have been reprinted by the HCM City General Publishing House and other publishers.  Photo courtesy of the publisher 

HCM CITY - Three books for children by writer Đoan Thạch Biền, who was famous in the 1980s-90s, have been reprinted by the HCM City General Publishing House. 

The books include Tình Nhỏ Lam Sao Quen (Don’t Forget Your First Love), Toi Hay Ma Em Đau Có Thương (I Knew You Were Not Mine) and Toi Thương Ma Em Đau Có Hay (You Don’t Know How I Love You), which were selected from many of the writer’s books. 

All of the books feature teen loves, hopes and dreams, written with the author’s typical imagination and flair. Urban life and family are also highlighted. 

The culture and lifestyle of southern people are featured. 

The novel Tình Nhỏ Lam Sao Quen was released in 1993. It later was adapted into the film by director Le Hoang Hoa of HCM City. The film attracted movie stars Mỹ Duyen and Diễm Hương, leading actresses of the south in the 1990s. 

“I’m a fan of Biền’s books. I first read his books when I was at school. I think his writing style will be popular with teenagers today because they are a mix of reality and romanticism,” said Nguyễn Phạm Khanh Van, a resident of HCM City. 

"Young readers will see themselves in every single page of Điền’s books. The writer knows what young readers think and dream." 

In 2016, Biền released two new books after a hiatus of several years.

While the book called Chao (Fermented Tofu) includes eight short stories, Mua He Khắc Nghiet (Hard Summer) is a novella. Both tell stories about girls and boys at high school.

Điền told his fans at a book-signing ceremony in HCM City that he was involved in writing books aimed at teenagers because he “wanted to create a dreamlike world for youngsters, who believe in the best things about life and people”.   

More than 11,000 copies of the two books have been printed and distributed by the HCM City Culture and Arts Publishing House and Phương Nam Books.

Phương Nam Books has signed an exclusive contract to republish a series of Biền’s books, some of which were released before 1975 and featured teen characters.   VNS




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