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How to cook fried rice with fresh lychees video

Fried rice with sausages, fresh lychees and shrimp are sure to be a unique hit this summer

How to cook fried rice with fresh lychees video

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When it comes to lychees, most people would only think of them as a delicious dessert. However, they are also used to make fried rice. The sweetness of lychees can combine with the savory taste of fried rice, creating an interesting and special flavor.

Fried rice with fresh lychees. Photo: Bui Thuy/ VnExpress

- Total time: 25 minutes (10 minutes preparing and 15 minutes cooking)

- Serves 4-5 people

- Total calories: 2,983


- 4 bowl of cold rice

- 8-10 fresh lychees

- 2 diced sausages

- 2 eggs

- 1/2 bowl of diced fresh shrimp

- 1/2 bowl of roasted cashews

- 1/2 of diced carrot

- 2 minced onions

- Spring onions, coriander, chili.

- Seasoning: fish sauce, salt, broth mix

- Vegetable oil.

Video: Bui Thuy/ VnExpress

How to make

- Removing lychee seeds from the flesh.

- Put the cooked rice into the refrigerator overnight so that it can be dry. Before frying, mix rice with eggs, fish sauce, salt, broth mix and stir well.

- Put 2 tablespoons of lard in the pan and saute the minced onions.

- Stir-fry shrimp with carrots, add seasonings to your liking.

Photo: Doisongphapluat

- Put sausage into the pan of shrimp and carrots. Stir-fry until dried. Scoop all the stir-fried toppings into a bowl.

- Fry minced onions, add rice and cook on medium heat. Once rice is dried, put the stir-fried toppings in and stir well. Add roasted cashews and stir some more.

Add spring onions. Photo: Doisongphapluat

- Finally, add lychee flesh and spring onions.

Complete product. Photo: Doisongphapluat


- You can also use hot dogs or peas as toppings.

- Don’t cut lychee flesh into small pieces because they will produce juice, making the rice soft.

Top 5 health benefits of lychees

1. Lychees are rich in vitamin C

One of the most abundant vitamins in lychees is vitamin C. According to experts, the lychee fruit provides 9% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI). According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin C intakes reduce the risk of stroke by 42%.

2. It’s a good source of antioxidants

Lychees contain higher levels of polyphenols than several other fruits. The fruit is a storehouse of epicatechin that may improve heart health and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Lychees are also high in rutin. As per a study published in the journal Food Chemistry, rutin may help protect the human body against chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other cardiovascular issues.

3. It helps reduce abdominal fat

While it is not found naturally in the fruit, a patented mixture of lychee skin and green tea developed by Amino Up Chemical Corporation in Japan called Oligonol has shown to reduce abdominal fat, fatigue, and inflammation after exercise.

4. It can fight liver cancer

According to the scientific journal Cancer Letters, lychee fruit pericarp (LFP) extract has anti-cancer properties and can help fight liver cancer.

5. Lychees have high vitamin E content

Lychees contain a lot of vitamin E, which helps to heal sunburn that causes pain and irritation and also keep the skin healthy and glowing, say scientists.

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