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The most beautiful homestay in Ly Son Island with sea view, beautiful check-in

The most beautiful homestay on Ly Son Island with a location close to the sea, airy, pristine and friendly host deserves to be the number one resort paradise in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai. 

Top 6 most beautiful homestay in Ly Son Island with cheap price, quality view

The beautiful and famous homestay on Ly Son Island that many tourists choose for the trip must include:

Ly Son Bungalow Hostel 

Ly Son Bungalow Hostel is impressed with the most beautiful sea view on Ly Son Island, even while sitting in this homestay room you can still admire the beautiful sunrise on the sea. This most beautiful homestay on Ly Son Island is known as the number one beautiful virtual living place in this island district. 

Around the homestay, you will admire famous beautiful landscapes such as: On the right is Hon Dam, on the left is Bang Thang rocky beach with beautiful erupting lava and in front of Ly Son Bungalow Hostel is Lon Ly Son Island. with Quan Am Buddha statue at Dam Pagoda, very close to Love Bridge. 

The most beautiful homestay in Ly Son Island with sea view, beautiful check-in
Ly Son Bungalow Hostel 

Choose this homestay for a trip to Ly Son Island, you will rest in a unique stilt house with a two-story bedroom, you can stay in a single room, a dorm room or at a tent for a super cheap price from only 60,000 VND / night. The great plus point of Ly Son Bungalow Hostel is that, close to the blue water beach and decorated with colorful frescoes for you to unleash virtual life. Besides, if you want to experience, you can go fish-watching and night fishing with the owner.

Virtual life at Ly Son Bungalow Hostel 
  • Address: North Hamlet – An Binh Commune, Dao Be – Ly Son
  • Room price: Single room is 100,000 VND / room for 2 people, a double room is 200,000 VND / room for 4 people and the price at a tent is 60,000 VND / person.

Cao Canh Homestay

Traveling to Ly Son Quang Ngai, if you have not yet found a nice, cheap homestay, Cao Canh Homestay is the ideal choice for you. The plus point of this homestay is that the host is very enthusiastic, friendly and delicious and cheap cooking. This homestay is decorated in a gentle fresco style for young people who love movementism.

The space of Cao Canh Homestay

Rooms at Cao Canh Homestay are very clean, with air conditioning and cool fans, but the room is a bit small if in crowded. Cao Canh Homestay is located close to the wharf to move to Ly Son Island, so it is very convenient to visit attractions and dining areas on the island.

Check-in at Cao Canh Homestay
  • Address: Hamlet Tay, Ly Son, Quang Ngai 
  • Room rates: Single room 150,000 VND / room for 2 people and double room price 200,000 VND / 4 people

Kitchen’s House Homestay

Which homestay should I stay when traveling to Ly Son island ? Kitchen’s House Homestay deserves to be a resort paradise with a beautiful, quiet view and a comfortable space like your own house. The owner is hospitable, funny and ready to advise tenants about car rental addresses, beautiful attractions on Ly Son Island.

Kitchen’s House Homestay

The plus point of Kitchen’s House Homestay is, you can cook and enjoy free coffee. If you go with a large group of people, you can stay in this homestay or a dorm room, if you go with two people in a double room.

Kitchen’s House Homestay
  • Address: Hamlet Tay An Vinh, Ly Son, Quang Ngai
  • Room rates: Double rooms are priced at 450,000 VND / night, dorm rooms for 4 people are priced at 150,000 VND / night and rent for a whole house is 1,800,000 VND / night.

Athena – Camping Homestay

Athena – Camping Homestay is a homestay on Be Ly Son Island built on a very unique tree, suitable for young people who love the fresh natural landscape. This homestay is a beautiful small house with a beautiful sea view for a virtual team. Athena – Camping Homestay is impressed with wooden design enough for a group of about 6 people, with enough pillows and curtains in pink, blue and blue, especially the homestay is decorated with sparkling led lights at night for you to enjoy. virtual life.

Close-up view of Athena – Camping Homestay

Choose Athena – Camping Homestay for your trip to Ly Son Island, you can stay in room, tree house or camping on the beach with interesting experiences. 

Beach camping space in Athena – Camping Homestay
  • Address: Dao Be, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District
  • Price: Homestay, in a tree house is 120,000 VND / person. Camping (tents, meals, accommodation …) costs 300,000 VND / person. Electric car ride service 30,0000 VND / person. Double bicycle rental 50,000 VND / car. Rent a basket to see coral 80,000 VND / person 

Alabin Homestay 

Alabin Homestay is one of the most beautiful homestays in Ly Son Island , suitable for those who want to fully enjoy the beauty of Be Island. Alabin Homestay has a beautiful location, in front of the sea, behind the mountain and has a spacious campus with many trees close to nature. This homestay has just been renovated so the rooms are very modern and fully equipped, attracting a large number of tourists.

Alabin Homestay 

Traveling to Ly Son Island at Alabin Homestay, you can choose a family-friendly house with many trees, private huts for couples or sea view rooms with beautiful balconies. In the evening, you can join the host to watch fish, fish or crab. 

Fully furnished room
  • Address: Dao Be, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District
  • Room price: Sea view room is 150,000 VND / night, a private hut for a couple is 120,000 VND and a private house for a family is 1,000,000 VND.

Sea Wind Homestay

If you are looking for a cheap homestay in Ly Son Island , Gio Bien Homestay is the perfect choice for you. The homestay is decorated very beautifully and creatively, can stay for groups of 5-6 people or 2 people. Breeze Bien Homestay also provides tent sleep services on the beach, outside the homestay with chairs, music radio speakers, hammocks, campfire party, barbecue …

Sea Wind Homestay

In the evening at the Sea Wind Homestay, you can set up tents, organize campfires, grill delicious seafood right on the beach while singing, dancing and eating. Choosing Breeze Bien Homestay will give you free swim jackets and laundry service. 

Check-in at Gio Bien Homestay
  • Address: Dao Be, An Binh, Ly Son
  • Room rates range from 100,000 VND / night

The most beautiful homestay on Ly Son Island above promises to bring relaxation moments for your trip and unleash the background with super beautiful, super-cool photos. 

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