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Strange and delicious porridge in Ha Giang

Ha Giang, the frontier land of the country, is known to many people for its beautiful scenery, unique culture and many delicious specialties. In which tuberose tubers are not only a precious medicine but also processed into a nutritious dish: porridge and juvenile soup. 

Stupid porridge – “poison” porridge in Ha Giang

The reason that many people call Ha Giang porridge porridge “poisonous” is that the ingredients in the porridge contain jujube. This is a tuber containing toxins, it only lives in the high mountains in the North. People who ingest this poison will immediately develop symptoms of congestion, stiffness in the limbs, fatal blood clotting. 

However, through the ingenious treatment of the ethnic people in Ha Giang, this tuber becomes the main ingredient to cook a special porridge dish only in Ha Giang . Not only is it a dish, porridge is also a valuable remedy that cures colds and aches of bones and joints. 

Strange and delicious porridge in Ha Giang
Juvenile porridge 

When cooked, the porridge is dark brown, if at first glance it will look similar to the porridge heart of the lowland people. The dish is fragrant, fatty, and creamy. Due to its medicinal properties, the dish’s characteristic is bitter. However, that bitterness is perfectly blended with a piece of plastic, soft, mixed with the sweetness of the broth and the sweet taste of the egg to create a sweet aroma that creates a strange feeling. 

The rustic color of the porridge 

A full bowl of porridge porridge will include stewed spring rolls, minced lean meat and eggs. When eating, you can add the bamboo shoots soaked in chili to make the dish perfect when the sour and sour taste of the pickled bamboo shoots combined with the bitterness of the porridge form an unbelievably delicious culinary specialty. Since then, many tourists have to remember and tell each other “when coming to Ha Giang, you must try this dish!”

Porridge adds quite a bit of topping

The time to enjoy the best porridge and porridge

Usually this porridge will only be sold at night because when you finish eating you will feel like you have just been given a sedative to help you sleep better. If you eat during the day, it’s easy to fall asleep. So when traveling to Ha Giang, you should try to the barbecue shops in Dong Van Old Town to enjoy!

Please eat porridge in the evening 

Note when eating porridge 

According to many people selling porridge for many years in Ha Giang, when you cook porridge you must not cook with a pressure cooker. Because so the porridge will quickly ripen, but the toxins of the larvae will not be completely eliminated and decomposed. 

A bowl of plump porridge

If you are unfortunate enough to get poisoned when eating porridge, it is necessary to conduct massage, soaked kumquat immediately to detoxify. In the process of impregnating kumquat, if the kumquat can be sensed, it is very good to remove toxins from the body out. This is considered to be the only way to detoxify the larvae when unfortunately encountered. 

When you are unlucky enough to be poisoned, you must take first aid quickly 

Places to enjoy delicious porridge porridge in Ha Giang 

Quan Huong 

Address: Highway 2 – Ha Giang Town, Ha Giang

Quan Huong is one of the places to enjoy the most famous porridge in Ha Giang. The shop is located in a special location in the heart of the city. After walking around the street, you should visit the restaurant in the evening to eat porridge. Huong restaurant has its own way of processing carefully in each stage to create a delicious bowl of porridge. The porridge will be cooked right on the charcoal stove to keep the heat. When enjoying, they will be served with scallions, perilla, minced minced meat, eggs and a little herbs. 

Stupid porridge at Huong’s restaurant

Thuy Linh Restaurant

Address: Group 10 Nguyen Viet Xuan, P. Tran Phu, Ha Giang town

In Ha Giang, perhaps no one will not know the Thuy Linh porridge shop. With the impressive porridge taste, the rich taste of the tubers combined with the legs, minced meat, eggs will surely bring a delicious and nutritious porridge bowl to help diners get a deep, delicious sleep. The big plus point of the restaurant is large, clean space, attentive and agile service staff. In addition to porridge and buoyu, here is also serving more delicious vermicelli dishes.

The porridge is dark brown in color

Ngan Ha Restaurant

Address: 161 Tran Hung Dao, Tran Phu, Ha Giang City.

Ngan Ha owns the delicious taste of its very own porridge. Here, each of the primary and secondary ingredients are carefully selected. Rice must choose non-glutinous rice, and sticky rice grown in the highlands. Pork legs will be selected from the pork armpits, simmered for more than 4 hours to create a sweet and supple taste. Eating a bowl of porridge here will definitely help you relieve stress and fatigue. One note is that the restaurant is only open from 6pm onwards, so please arrange a time accordingly.

The shop will open at 6pm to sell until night 

Coming to Dong Van Plateau, you should stop for a moment to enjoy the porridge . Depending on the taste and preferences of each person to add a little chili, a little fish sauce, and sour bamboo shoots. Surely this dish will make you lingering forever.

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