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Stop a series of the big spring festival in Tet Tan Suu

The opening ceremony of Tran temple, Dong Da mound festival, the ceremony of Huong, Bai Dinh, Tam Chuc pagodas … all had to stop to prevent Covid-19.

In Hanoi , on February 5, the People’s Committee of Dong Da district announced to stop the 232th anniversary of the victory of Ngoc Hoi – Dong Da (Go Dong Da festival) 2021. Although the preparation work has been completed, “due to the situation. The epidemic was complicated and unpredictable, so the district decided to stop the festival.

The festival aimed to recreate the victory of the Tay Son army over the Qing invaders on Tet Ky Dau 1789, held at the special national monument of Go Dong Da (Dang Tien Dong street) on the 5th day of the Lunar New Year.

Stop a series of the big spring festival in Tet Tan Suu
Dong Da Go Festival 2020. Photo: Giang Huy

My Duc District People’s Committee also announced to stop organizing Huong pagoda festival . This is one of the biggest festivals in the country, lasting from January 6 to the end of the third lunar month. My Duc district only maintains to welcome visitors to visit a special national relic of Huong Son – Huong pagoda. Visitors must wear masks and take measures to ensure the safety of the epidemic. If the epidemic is complicated, the district will stop welcoming guests.

The 10th anniversary of the Giong Festival , recognized by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind, was temporarily stopped by Soc Son district. On the morning of January 6, the Giong Festival at Soc temple only held a ceremony with traditional rituals. Many folklore activities are not organized such as entertainment, sports or games. The festival also does not organize booths to introduce products, display images … The Giong Festival annually takes place from 6 to 8 of the first lunar month.

Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival in Me Linh district was also halted and restricted to welcome guests to offer incense. Celebrations of the Hai Ba Trung uprising and Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival are held annually on the 6th of the first lunar month.

In Nam Dinh , at the end of January 2021, the Provincial People’s Committee agreed to the proposal of the People’s Committee of Nam Dinh City, not to hold the ceremony of opening and publishing the Tran temple (Loc Vuong ward, Nam Dinh city) in the beginning of the spring of Tan Suu 2021. Government will not hold the ceremony as well as the festival at Tran temple as every year. On the night of January 14, only a few elders held a small ceremony to offer incense to Tran kings. The temple does not welcome visitors to ask for seals and attend the opening ceremony on this day.

However, on weekdays, people can still go to the ceremony at the temple, but should ensure measures to prevent Covid-19 such as wearing a mask, washing hands, antiseptic, at a distance of 2 m …

Tran Temple Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the North, usually takes place from 11 to 16 of the first lunar month with three traditional ceremonies: opening ceremony, procession of Ngoc Lo palanquin and procession of fish soup. The opening and publishing ceremony on the night of January 14 attracted tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Many years, on the night of the opening ceremony, there were often looting and chaos.

Opening ceremony of Tran temple in 2019. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

The People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province also stopped organizing the 2021 Vieng spring fairs in Vu Ban and Nam Truc districts, scheduled to take place on the night of the 7th, the morning of the 8th of the first lunar month. Vieng market, Vu Ban district associates with Phu Thick relic to worship Thanh Mau Lieu Hanh; Vieng market, Nam Truc district is where Dai Bi pagoda is located to worship Zen monk Tu Dao Hanh.

Every year, Vieng market attracts thousands of people, because people think this place “buy luck, sell risk”. The seller does not challenge the price and the buyer does not haggle. Main products purchased and sold are plants, animals, farm tools …

At the end of January 2021, the People’s Committee of Ha Nam province requested to stop three major festivals, namely President Xi’an ; pay the salary of saint Tran Tran Thuong temple; Opening Tam Chuc Pagoda.

The Doi Son Presidential Festival (Duy Tien district) usually takes place from the 5th to the 7th of January, originating from the spring of Dinh Hoi year (987), the first time King Le Dai Hanh together with literature and martial arts. sacrifice to the farm spirit and plow the fields to encourage people to work hard.

Since then, the Ly, Tran, Le and Nguyen dynasties have solemnly and solemnly held the Presidential Ceremony, praying for a good harvest, encouraging the expansion of the farm. Over thousands of years, the Presidential Festival has become an important spiritual cultural activity, the cultural heritage of the nation.

Doi Son Presidential estate ceremony in 2018. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

In early February 2021, Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee requested to suspend the Western Yen Tu Spring Festival and local traditional festivals. Opening festivals must reduce the scale, organization time, and activities; limited concentration of people; ensure conditions for disease prevention and control. People are advised to limit spring travel or participate in festivals; when coming to the festival, relics must wear a mask.

To prevent Covid-19, a series of major festivals in Ninh Binh also stopped such as Bai Dinh, Hoa Lu … The organized festivals had to reduce the scale, time and operation.


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