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White plum flowers bloom in Bac Ha valley

Every spring, Bac Ha is immersed in the white color of plum blossoms, giving it the name "white plateau".

White plum flowers bloom in Bac Ha valley

This season, tourists can see white plum trees anywhere in Bac Ha, from the roads to the villages and in the gardens of the households. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

Bac Ha seems to be immersed in white color, dotted with strong drawings of architecture and natural beauty, creating a charming space, attracting visitors from all over the world. Here, in addition to the beauty of the landscape, visitors can also experience and explore the beauty of the life of local people. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

Plum blossoms are not only beautiful but also heralds a good harvest for the people of Bac Ha, which are special sweet plum fruits, which can be grown elsewhere. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

Surrounded by majestic mountains, white plum blossoms bloom thrivingly, like the intense vitality of Bac Ha people. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

Plum blossom branches rise up in the morning mist in Bac Ha, touching everyone's heart when enjoying the beautiful scenery here. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

A peaceful morning at a homestay of Bac Ha people. The fresh air at this place helps visitors relax. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

Pure white plum blossoms turn the sky of Bac Ha into pristine beauty, just like the characteristics of Bac Ha's locals. (Photo: Nong Nghiep)

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