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Things to know about the marriage customs of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang

One of the cultural beauty that many people are interested in when coming to Tuyen Quang is the wedding custom of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang. This is one of the most unique and unique cultural features of this northern mountainous region.

To better understand this wedding custom, let luhanhvietnam refer to the information shared below. It will help you better understand the wedding customs of the people here.

1. Some features of the wedding customs of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang

Things to know about the marriage customs of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang
Before the wedding ceremony, the wedding of the Red Dao has to go through many different procedures

As a highland district of Tuyen Quang province, Na Hang is home to many ethnic minorities. In which, the Red Dao is an ethnic group accounting for 27% of the ethnic groups living here. 

Each ethnic group will have its own unique cultural features and so will the Red Dao. Especially the wedding custom of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang is always a problem receiving a lot of attention from everyone. 

The Red Dao live most in Nang Kha commune of Na Hang district. This place has a very unique wedding custom. It is also thanks to this cultural beauty that Tuyen Quang tourism increasingly has a great attraction to visitors. 

For the people here, the wedding custom will be held mainly at the groom’s house. The bride’s house only organizes meals to celebrate the big day of the bride and groom. Depending on each house, there will be a different wedding time. Usually the wedding takes place from 2-3 days.

2. Things to know about the wedding of the Red Dao

The Dao bride is not only beautiful, but her wedding attire is also very outstanding and beautiful

Compared with the wedding custom in other places, the wedding ceremony of the Red Dao is more different. This has created a cultural feature for this place. 

What should be prepared before the wedding?

After finding out and really want to go back to the same house, the Dao couple will notify the parents of both sides so that they can prepare. The first thing that the groom’s family has to do is to send people to talk to the bride’s family. 

Aim to talk and ask for the name, date of birth of the girl to see the number. After the viewing and the numbers of this young couple match, the groom’s family will send someone to the girl’s house for the second time. After both families agree, it will be done to negotiate the gifts to challenge the wedding. This is one of the wedding customs of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang . Because for many generations, the concept of getting married, the Dao’s wedding challenge offerings are often very high. Often offerings will include white silver, clothes, and jewelry. In addition, rice and pork are also included in the custom of marrying the Dao askers.

Bride image when starting to go home against

The number of offerings depends on each family. There are families who often give very high requirements such as silver and white up to 100 VND and accompanied by a few pig weights … 

Currently, white silver coins have become gradually scarce, so people often convert money or change to other types of jewelry for the bride such as necklaces, bracelets. Regarding the wedding attire, the groom’s family can send cash for the bride’s family to take care of herself. In particular, in the wedding custom of the Red Dao, the bride can re-wear the wedding dress of her grandmother or her mother-in-law used to wear on the wedding day. Therefore, it is not necessary that the wedding attire is completely new. After the reunification, the handover will have a written covenant made between the two sides of the family. Each family will keep a copy to do together. Once the prescribed number of offerings has been delivered, this covenant will be canceled.

The groom’s family will also have to discuss and ask carefully how many people will bring the bride’s family. Knowing the specific amount will help to prepare better from resting place to eating, gifts and gifts.

Activities take place during the wedding ceremony

The wedding attire of the Red Dao is also quite sophisticated and brilliant

The wedding day is the day the bride goes to her husband’s house and is also the day of the groom’s invitation. Among many wedding rituals, the ceremony to worship the ancestors is the most important.

Sacrifices to be offered to ancestors also had to be carefully prepared. The offering will include 2 pigs weighing about 60-80 kg. This pig must be pecked in the kitchen. Absolutely do not operate in the outdoors. After that, the main priest must be the person who has been given the status to perform the ceremony. The family worshiping ceremony will take place from afternoon until late at night.

Next in the marriage ceremony of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang,  it was about the time when the bride left the house and now entered her husband’s house. This is very important. Choosing a time must choose a healing time and especially not the same time. If in the past, the bride’s family would bring the bride herself, nowadays, in the weddings of the Red Dao, the groom’s family has come to pick the bride and usually pick up with an odd number of people.

After that, the bride’s family will perform the ritual of announcing to the ancestors and performing spells on the bride’s dress, namely the headscarf, to hope everything is smooth and smooth.

The marriage ritual of the Red Dao has many unique beauty for visitors to explore

The number of bridegrooms must be an even number and according to the marriage custom of the Red Dao, men will go first and women must go later.

The bride’s attire worn on the day of her husband’s home must be the traditional costume of the Red Dao. Mostly wedding outfits with vibrant color tones, red bib, headscarf and face shield must also be red. In particular, the bridesmaid must be a girl younger than the bride and unmarried. This is the person who will lead the bride all the way from the girl’s house to the boy’s house.

Currently, the life of the Dao has many changes, but the beauty in the wedding culture is always preserved by the people here. Although there are not too many procedures as before, but the core ceremonies are always performed by the Dao at wedding ceremonies in accordance with the marriage customs of the Red Dao Tuyen Quang .

Hopefully the above sharing will help visitors better understand one of the different cultural beauties of Tuyen Quang province. 

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